4, February 2011

Greetings -

It's been a while since I have sent out an update. The 'cross season ended on (see last missive) and the circle of life has brought me
back to the bench in Warwick atmo. Snowshoeing is the new black, if you catch my drift. And sisters, drift doesn't begin to describe
the accumulation of white stuff we have here. There have been days in the past few weeks during which half the time was spent shoveling
the paths to the road, and to the shop, and to the woodpiles, and to the compost area. I finally caved and had our property put on the list
for a local to plow so that at least the cars would no longer be landlocked. It has indeed been a long winter and it's not over yet atmo.

So, I haven't ridden a bicycle or even had my leg over one since the last lap in Bend sometime during December. You'll notice in this image
that air is key to a smiling face. I flatted with about a lap or so to go and the look says it all. Unlike 2009 when heavy mud days (it IS 'cross
after all) were the norm, I never had to power-wash my bicycle once all fall, but the natz were different. This coming season will be extended
by a month or so since the championships are in January of 2012 and I look forward to more days of fitness, travel, and finding ways to get
on or near the podium. The fire within me that is only satisfied with a good race result still burns and I and I am resting up in anticipation of
starting the 5 month ordeal all over again by late summer.

The new (revised) dotcom site is up and running and we finally have all the pages functional. Please check out the press/articles as well as the
the interviews links for the latest print and viral reporting about me and the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. It all begins on the front page.
I also am part of peloton magazine's site's new feature on artisanal framebuilding.. An interview I did with Patrick Brady went live last night. Here
are the links to read them -



In three weeks I will be in Austin, Texas for the NAHBS show. This makes number seven for me. The weekend looks to be well organized
and the exposition is said to be near to a sell-out capacity both in terms of exhibitors and tickets sold. See you there atmo.

Thanks for reading.


7, December 2010

Greetings -

As a varsity team procrastinator, a poster child for ADD, as well as a champion of the low word count post (please don’t mention terms like
or sound bite, huh), I wonder where the time goes and if I've sat still long enough to savor the memories I am so vigilantly
reminding others that we, the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team, are here to make. It often seems like one continuous wave we are riding,
year after year. We race, we stop, we plan, we rearrange, and we race again. Lather, rinse, and repeat atmo.

We are one race weekend away from closing the books for 2010. I am on a plane heading for Bend, Oregon where Josh, Matt, and myself
(or is it “and me...?”) will race the National Championships. After that, as has become the norm, we’ll cherish the good times we’ve had,
second guess some of the what-ifs, and go our separate ways for a while.

Unlike so many other seasons on the road, or iterations of sponsors and riders, this one seemed like an autumn in transition. For us, the
moons lined up a certain way, and in a heartbeat we became a Ménage à Trois (that’s French for three for dinner). Typically, everything the
RS ‘Cross Team
touches and is touched by is planned nearly a year in advance. There was a real contrast between what was expected once
September arrived with what we actually brought to the table when that first start pistol was fired. For whatever reason, we had one rider who
decided two days before that first race that the demands on him from his 2011 road program precluded racing the very ‘cross program we spent
countless months setting the table for. (Yes, I was supremely disappointed, but I said to myself, this is the business we've chosen; I didn't ask
who gave the order, because it had nothing to do with business!
). Then, about three race weekends into the schedule, pal and team sponsor,
Lil Justy, hit the deck at Stage Fort Park and would be sidelined for a month or so. Fate showed us who’s boss when, two weeks later, he was
hit by a car, making some injuries worse, as well as adding several new ones. Season over. And then we were three atmo.

Many of you have read the previous thirteen or so missives from the 2010 season and know that we missed our sidelined team mates atmo.
Regardless of our trio status, we forged ahead with the same determination and aggressive attitude that have become our stock in trade. The
three of us were at each race venue to represent our sponsors, to make memories, and to race well. Nothing had changed. The last month has
seen Josh and Matt at the front of all races as well as finishing in the top five with each start. As results go, the RS 'Cross Team has been getting
it done. My own finishes have been a smidgen less remarkable than last year's, but I am still in the first ten on a regular basis. As a group, we have
a few less wins this season, but the efforts were there and I've never be prouder to be part of all this. In a nutshell, despite having our little program
sliced in half, we didn't miss a beat, or a cue, or find reasons to half-pedal and wait for next year, or anything remotely similar atmo. Mad props to
Josh and Pookems, as well as to Alie and Tali, and to, of course, the to master of the pits - TLD herself - for what has been a complete season for
the RS 'Cross Team.

Thanks to all of you who support us, follow us, and race against or with us atmo. One more race to go.


25, November 2010

Greetings atmo -

From all of us who ever have been a part of the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team to all of you who have ever
sponsored us, supported us, followed us, and raced against us, we wish you the best during the holiday season
and especially over the Thanksgiving weekend. The text that follows is courtesy of Matt Pookums Kraus with
one S and is pasted below.

Take care


Athletes love goals. Cross racers love the natz. The natz is a pretty severe season goal for cross racers. Cross racers live for natz,
even if its only a race like a race on any given Sunday. Racers do special things for this any given Sunday race, we train, taper, pay
attention to fatigue and take advantage of opportunities given to us. One of these such opps came in the form of the missing east coast
USGP that relocated to Colorado. That relocation, gave a gap to the calendar on the weekend of November 13/14. Most of us, myself
included, used that gap in the race program to get in some fitness reload. When racing weekend in and out, it tends to wear down the
fitness. The mid season (or so) reload can top the tanks off and set up the nats regime on a good foot instead of hanging on to a thread
hoping to have the stuff on December 9-13th. The downside of the weekend off, fitness reload is the broken up routine.

Loosing ones racing rhythm, while not hard to get back, it can be mental to let the racing mindset and form on a slightly longer leash while
the training happens. Longer leash means little fitness rover is not right out in the backyard where you can see him gnaw on a bone, he's
taken to running off after a flock of seagulls and has disappeared over the crest of the hill. When you call rover, sometimes he takes longer
than you want to come back. But when he comes back, he's usually pretty happy. Happy rover equals happy racer. Coming back from my
run over the hills, I raced in the new new Southampton relocated strong island race. Also worth noting, 1 hour from our apartment in Pleasantville,
which was the first time I can remember when racing a double weekend and getting to return to my wife and bed on Sat night. Not bad at all. Day
1 was my re re welcome back to the big leagues day. Watching football with my dad, whenever a rookie got his clock cleaned, he called it the
"welcome to the NFL" hit. Even managing a decent 4th on Saturday, my legs were getting their welcome to the racing hit, but I knew this was
temporary and the next day would be better sensations. I got overheated with an attack and could not recover, having to let 2 and 3 spots leave
the station. Day 2 got off to a better start, I found myself sitting in the leader group in 4th or 5th spot, feeling more comfortable. Two thirds of the
way through lap 1, I rolled a freshly glued tubi. Boo. Big effing boo. Lucky for this jew, I was near the pits and when I was back on trusty awesome
bike 2, I was in 12th. Now the good news is that I pedaled strong and well, and brought myself back into battling with a foe for 5th place. I lost the
sprint because I failed to 'mark' the finish line and timed my sprint too late, but that kinda rookie move happens from time to time. After the race,
warmed down, packed up and made it home to watch another barn burner...the Jets win what looked like a sure loss with a last minute 70 yard
march. First time I got the watch the Jets all season!

Anywho, it's Sterling MA, double in RI and then we fly out to natz. The season is on the tail end but the tail end we love and live for. Everything starts
to matter even when nothing really matters. It's the perfect trifecta, and I hope little rover is ready to rumble. The weekends keep ticking by and the
season is a much a memory as it is yet to unfold. I feel good about my team, my odds and my desire. I also want to take this opportunity to (re)thank
everyone that helps make this most awesome team happen. From the steel man, to the companies that help the steel work, to the donors who help
on the money end to lube the whole program. Its the most fun and something that has come to mean a lot to me, and I have said this before, I don't
know why you support us so devoutly, and I cant speak to what you get out of it, but I can tell you I live for this shit and embrace almost every moment
of it. Thank you. 

16, November 2010

Greetings atmo -

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team, D.B.A. Matt Pookums Kraus with one S and Josh One Too Many Mornings Dillon will be in
East Meadow, New York this weekend for the Whitmore's Landing Super Cross Cup Mac Series 11 and 12 (wtf huh - who makes
up these race names, anyway?) without me. TLD and me (or is it myself) will take some personal time at home. Ahhhh Franklin County.
But I digress. For this team email-to-all, the salient feature is the text I pasted at the page-bottom. Josh penned it and I am pleased to
include it as part of a RS 'Cross Team missive. Before I sign off, please be aware that my Smoked Out page over at the V place has
been added to through the weeks and I'll link it here for you all to click through to. Start with this ---> XXXX . The Smoked Out forum is
a sub-board over at the VelocipedeSalon and it's a place where framebuilders could broadcast their inner thoughts, list their muses,
talk about their business models, or just hold court. I have hosted the ordeal going back to the late winter, and dozens of my peers have
taken threads and gone viral atmo. I hope you enjoy scrolling through the pages there.

Thanks for following us, and please read the words below.


From Josh Dillon -

Today is November 16th. It's probably the birthday of somebody you know. Or maybe an anniversary. Or both. Here at the 'Cross Reference
it is roughly the mid-point of the US cyclocross season. Starting with this coming weekend in Long Island we will make a strong push for the
US National Championship race held in Bend, Oregon on December 12th. While this season has been a couple of big steps backwards for
me personally, in terms of results, I am very optimistic that this final push will find some glimmers of the hallowed 2009 season, when Dan
and I went 1-2 in the Verge New England Cyclocross series. But if a "big result" isn't realized in these closing weeks, which there is a good
chance of being the case as changes in bike racing take years and not months, it will be a blessing just the same. This year has left me
with no choice but to be grateful for the opportunities to travel and ride my bike with my closest friends. And that is a blessing in and of itself.

November 16th also happens to be 4 months to the day that my cousin was mugged and shot in the back in Hyannis while vacationing with
his family at the Cape this summer. He was paralyzed instantly, and has battled (i mean fucking battled...not in the bike racing sense) to
return to life as a husband, father, and counselor at a private academy in Connecticut. But everyday he thanks God to be alive as he could
have died face down in a pool of his own blood in Hyannis on July 16th. 

My fondest memories with him are from the ski slopes. Nowadays in ski films everybody and their grandmother throws flips off anything, but
20 years ago nobody did - except for Cuz. I will never forget the most idyllic of spring ski days on Bear Mountain at Killington (which for those
not in the know has THE BEST deck facing square up the marquee Outer Limits trail...which by this point of the year had cleared away the gates
from the steepest stop on the now defunct US Pro Tour and was wall to wall moguls the size of VW bugs). So with the sun deck packed with folks
nursing their wounds with ice, as in ice cold alcoholic beverages, Cuz would throw a flip off the big kicker at the bottom of the run every time down
and the deck would roar (as i type this i swell up with tears). So those days are over - but he is grateful to be alive, as is anybody who knows him.
Everyday is a gift. He truly is inspirational. Not this year, and probably not next, but maybe in the next 5 years Cuz wants my Dad and I to take him
heli-skiing. I will drop everything the day he tells me he is ready to go and make it happen.

Oh ya - bike racing. So this hasn't been the best of years for me or the team for results - but I am grateful to ride today. And am really looking
forward to the weekend and the next.

Read more here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/patrickshanahan
and here: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/patrickshanahan/journal .

4, November 2010

Greetings -

Some of us on the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team used this past weekend as a chance to rest our souls at the half way point in
the season. Matt Pookums Kraus with one S did not. He was down in New Jersey at the Highland Park CX and had this to say about
the racing atmo (the m now stands for Matt...).

Flying solo to a race is not regular for those in the famiglia squadra sachissimo. In fact it only seems to happen once or twice a year.
While its pretty easy to bear the torch and represent, it is a different experience. Whether its chatting with Deb, casual exchanges with
pookie (ed note: I think that's me, e-RICHIE), grabbing some time with Buddy, shooting the crap with Josh and hopefully soon the lil shaver
(another ed note: he must mean Justin), getting the best pit service this side of the ____ (insert witty geographical place here) it's our racing
family and I like being around it. Us racer types are all creatures of habit even as those habits evolve over times. Over the last two weeks I
found my 2010 inner get ready plan big time. The most important of this new 2010 routine is my new emphasis on riding for at least 20 minutes
BEFORE getting in at least a hot lap and a half during the short course inspection slot. The challenge there is getting my butt early enough to
the venue, but that's fodder for another writing. In the past I have doubled course inspection with my warm up, but now I think that's bunk.
Warming up while inspecting allows you to go slow and see lines, inspect this or that, choose a sneaky way to deal with a transition, etc. But
it's at a drastically different pace than when the gas pedal is on. Now the trainer intervals just keep me loose before its go time. Anyway, back
to the solo trek. Even though I had plenty to do and keep my busy, I missed having the crew around. In between the
to-dos it was a quieter
experience until the gun sounded. I staged on the 4th row from low MAC transactions and as the race funneled quickly I was a cattle in a herd
for about 40 seconds, the same amount I finished behind the leaders - fancy that! I fought hard, raced in a frontward direction for 45 minutes
and played the game well but was not able to mark the top three. I did race aggressively and made the extended podium to grab 5th. Solid, but
not getting me excited. I think we're at the midway point in the season, which is worth noting as a marker for plenty of time for good times to come
with the crew.

The family is down another quart this week as the news from the medical community is that Lil' Justy is done for the season. Following his hard
fall at Gloucester, getting hit by a car (with state marker plates, no less) within 10 days of that, has sealed his 2010 fate as a 'crosser. We're all
in touch regularly so the bonds continue. But the racing is over atmo. The cat's absence will leave a hole that cannot be filled.

Josh, Matt, and me (or is it myself...) will be in Northampton, Massachusetts this weekend for two days of UCI C2 events. It's the Cycle-Smart
International Cyclo-Cross
at Look Park. Hey - bring the family, huh.

Thanks for reading.


30, October 2010

Greetings -

What a difference a day makes atmo. The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team had one of its best weekends in years
this past Saturday and Sunday. We were in New Gloucester, Maine for the Downeast Cyclocross UCI C2 events. It's
funny (not) how focused I have become on results these past few seasons as wins and podium places have become
quite routine for us each weekend. We are there at the venues to represent first, and make everlasting memories too.
One fine way to build and support a brand (read: keep the RS 'Cross Team's sponsors in the limelight) is to race rather
than just ride. There's a big difference between being there and being there and having a presence, and I feel our team has
a presence atmo. In Maine, not only did we leave with memories, we also left spent and reaped the rewards of wringing every
ounce of effort from ourselves. In the two days of racing, Pookums' sixth on Saturday and second on Sunday, coupled with
Josh's fourth and fifth respectively in his events, made for our best finishes so far. Both riders are on the fast track to consistently
high places going into the second half of the season. I couldn't be more pleased with this. Please click through the image links
below to see them in focus and at speed.

For my own part, I had a rare-slash-unusual-slash-surreal moment of racing on Saturday. It's no secret that 2010 is not
going to be, for me, the take no prisoners (what does that mean, anyway?) season I had waaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 2009.
Well, if it is a secret, I wish it was one that was kept from me. Regardless, I have reconciled that another summer has passed,
I'm a year older, and the competition in my category is deeper than ever. When last year I could start any race and fear no one,
since this season started, my demeanor has included a, "I wonder when I'll get popped" component that has effed with my head
major league like. It's not a healthy attitude, especially since I am at the race to RACE rather than to ride in circles. Thus far,
most of my finishes have been top tens and I have worked very hard to get them too! So anyway, Saturday I had this great start
(rare for me...) and was in the first five for most of lap one. All of the sudden - poof - some demon got into my head and put in this
doubt shit that came from who knows where. Within a pedal stroke, I was wondering why I was even in Maine. It's hard to articulate
because at that very point I was still in the race (as in, at the front of it) but all energy needed to get the bicycle going was lost. In
the space of less than a minute, I went from a great position to one of getting passed by this cat and then that cat, and then those
guys. I was in a place that was unfamiliar to me and I made a decision to quit. In all my years of 'cross, it was my first DNF and it
came with less than ten minutes of effort. I was upset. TLD was upset. I pondered what message this action sends to all who saw
it in real time or might read DNF next to my name in the results. It sucked to be me, and it sucked to be around me as well. The
lovely Deb and I discussed what transpired and the conversation left me with a will to never get close to losing focus again. We invest
a lot of energy to be at all race weekends fit, and prepared, and on the best equipment. Going there and leaving matches left unburned
makes no sense at all. The next day I felt compelled to prove to myself that I had legs and motivation and raced the way I expect to,
am supposed to, and am there at each event to. The ninth I got on Sunday may seem like a mediocre result in the larger picture but
I left it all on the course and was more satisfied with that finish than I was with any of my five wins in 2009 atmo. I am part of the team,
and not just the guy who helps coordinate it. My race may precede Matt's and Josh's, and Masters racing may seem like just a part of
the under-card. But it is a race just the same, and we all line up with a chance at beating up on our fellow competitors. I may have forgot
about this for a moment on Saturday but I'll stay reminded of it until the very last 'cross event I register for. Hey - thanks for listening.

Okay, now for my specialty, mining the internet for RS 'Cross Team stuff. There's quite the list this week and it includes three videos
(one for me, one for Pookums, and one for JD), a link to what I feel is a superb article penned by Brian Palmer at TWMP in which, I
believe, the team is used as a metaphor - or maybe we're there as an example of how to get it done. Note: drink more Ardberg atmo.
And, all of this is followed by a list of images I found on Flickr

That GREAT post by Brian atmo

e-RICHIE on film
Pookums on film
Josh on film

Josh one
Josh two
Josh three
Josh four
Josh five
Josh six
Josh seven
Josh eight
Josh nine
Josh ten
Josh eleven
Josh twelve
Josh thirteen

Atmo alef
Atmo bet
Atmo gimmel
Atmo dalet
Atmo heh

Atmo vav

Pookums I
Pookums II
Pookums III
Pookums IV
Pookums V
Pookums VI
Pookums VII
Pookums VIII
Pookums IX
Pookums X

Pookums XI

I want to thank Matt Kraus and Josh Dillon for racing hard, racing at the front, and for representing the RS 'Cross Team
superbly well in 2010. Along with these two and TLD, I want to send regards to Justin Spinelli who remains on the injured
list for another few weeks atmo. Please drive up his Luxe Wheelworks hitcounter by following his new tech journal.

Many thanks.


20, October 2010

Greetings -

Delightful is such a purple word atmo. The members of the East Hampton Ladies Village Improvement Society might use
it to describe an afternoon in July or the cucumber sandwiches served at a recent fundraiser. And now I, e-RICHIE, choose
to invoke it too. This past weekend I had an absolutely delightful time with the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. We were
in Brandywine Valley racing at the Grenogue Estate in Delaware. The Grenogue 'Cross weekend has been the highlight of
my season for many years going back to the Monkey Hill days, and it's a promotion of DCCD, Marc Vettori, Tom McDaniels,
and many, many of their pals, all of whom make it one of the best run events on the calendar.

There has been a lapse in my electronic broadcasts these past couple of weeks but this weekend I have found my muse. It
all began where it ended, too. The lot of us were the guests of the Roat family. Rich Roat owns House Industries, one of the
RS 'Cross Team sponsors. They are based in Yorklyn, Delaware and the race venue is with ten miles of the office. Rich and
his family hosted us for the weekend and made Deb, Buddy, Matt, Joshua, and me comfortable beyond measure. Racing, but
especially the road trips, comes with a high degree of stress. We're all there to turn ourselves inside for a good ride and finish
on or near the podium. The hospitality and warmth extended to us for the three days made it a bit easier for the team to race
hard and leave nothing of ourselves on the course each day. I haven't been updating the results in real time, but all of us have
been landing in the top ten in all races since our 2010 baptism up in Williston some five weeks ago. At some point I'll compile
a bar graph or similar to show all how we've done each weekend. For now I'll just say that the team is racing very well, is highly
motivated, and the riders have been excellent ambassadors for all things RS 'Cross Team atmo.

The picture mining I do after each event has long since reached cottage industry proportion, and 2010 is no different. Most of the
images that I shoot end up on my Flickr page in this gallery. All the shots there are loaded oldest to newest, so scroll to the end
of the page(s) if you want to see only the recent stuff. For other race day pictures that I find (or that find me, as the case may be)
are in the form of links only. For instance, MAC pals Anthony Skorochod, Dennis Smith, and Joe Mallis were in attendance this
past weekend and the following represents their efforts atmo:

Anthony's RS 'Cross Team page on Cycling Captured Dot Com

Dennis Smith 1
Dennis Smith 2
Dennis Smith 3
Dennis Smith 4


After the Sunday race, I asked each of the riders to reflect on their season to date, while focusing on the recent weekend. What
follows are the texts from Pookums and Josh, but first a note about pal Justin Spinelli. Lil' Justy has spent more time racing on the
RS 'Cross Team than any other single person (so far...), going back to the late '90s when his breakout season in 1998 (or near to
it) saw him get a second place in the U23 event at the National Championships. Since that time, LJ has moved to Europe, turned
pro on the road, come home to race full time here, retire, come back, retire, and come back once again for this 'cross season. In
the times he was "retired", Justin still raced at a more local level and never lost a step or his drive to excel in any event in which he
pinned on a number. The goal this season was to ramp up his results to a point that he'd get a World's Team selection this or next
year. Unfortunately, LJ hit the deck hard three weeks ago at Gloucester and it looked like he'd be sidelined for a good long while. Out
on a recovery ride on just seven short days ago, a state vehicle turned onto the road and into his path, sending Justin to the ground,
and then into an ambulance to the hospital. The little shaver is kinda' sorta' banged up and I'd fully understand if he started shopping
for a hammock or a set of golf clubs. Justin vows to race as soon as possible, but that could leave little room to achieve his initial
goal for this year. We all wish him the best and I am sure that if he does race again soon, it will be to win rather than merely to ride.
That's how Lil' Justy rolls atmo. PS Justin's business, Luxe Wheelworks, is one our sponsors, and was written up just this very day.
Read a superb article about him here.

This is from Justin -
It is with regret to inform the supporters and fans of the RS 'Cross Team that I've recently suffered two substantial accidents within the
span of 6 days starting with my first lap crash at Gloucester and culminating with an incident that following Friday on a training ride. I
hope to rejoin the squad in good health soon and contribute to its effort out on the race course. Thank you for your continued support.

This is from Matt -
When one expects to podium, does getting 8th and 6th have any significance?
Its like one of those stupid when a tree falls in the woods questions...

Granogue has always been one of the classiest venues and demanding courses with lots of vertical. Wet or dry, its a
course that can beat you up. I've had some memorable moments and this weekend, despite a mediocre looking result
and a piss poor staging number, was one of them. Its been a long time since I have lined up at the back of a field with
70 riders, cant remember the last time actually. Since I had no MAC puntos, to the back it was! I was not pissed about
this, even though on Sunday TLD recommended I be a diva and create a scene to get better staging. Ha yeah, that's me
alright. Starting in the back was a very different and good learning experience. I was more relaxed on the grid than I can
ever remember [self take note V1]. After the whistle, I was able to count to 3 before even clipping in, then meandered in
the field for nearly a minute before having the green space to put out some horsepower. Not having the opportunity to red-line
myself early left me plenty more to work with later in the race [self take note V2]. Somehow on both days by the end of the
second lap I was in the top 12. I heard this news from the RS in the pit and was surprised both times! I had fun playing the
bike race game picking my way through the pack around corners, sneaky inside lines and anywhere I could create daylight.
One time I was passing a group of 3 and had to veer into the brush praying out loud, "no stumps, no stumps". Sunday I had
my best effort all season and got to zoom zoom zoom all day with endless throttle and quick recovery. For the first time in
2010 I did not have a few uncomfortable 2-3 laps during the middle of the race [good sign note to self V3]. Even the announcer
keyed on my efforts and proclaimed I might have been the fastest guy in the race. My fit on my machine was so dialed, I had
one of those zen symbiotic me bike ground fusion experiences. No we're not lighting incense here, but I'm trying to say all is
where it needs to be, including me. This weekend marked a line in the sand, where I know my fitness is ready to go. It did not
happen last season until early November.  I had one of the better August and early Sept training modes, so that had to help. I
also have the best pit in the business in RS and TLD, who know how to be helpful. My point, I know I was putting out a podium -
if not winning - effort on both days. Yeah its a shame a poor staging stops that from being reality but more importantly now that
it's there, it will be there in the next weekends. I feel like Babe Ruth calling out right field as he steps up...but, its podium time!...
which tastes great more than less filling. Speaking of tasting great, big thanks to Rich and family from sponsor House Industries
for their Saturday night feast. Sharon and Rich made a SPREAD and opened up their home to us. Awesome weekend and good times.
PS: One quick plug if anyone out there is in the twitterverse, you can follow me along this season at http://twitter.com/krausmattic

This is from Josh -
The reasons I love Delaware top 10 list (soon to be seen on Letterman):

10 - sunny and 70 in mid October
  9 - piles of prosciutto and its cousins
  8 - incredibly fresh pasta and meatballs (x2)
  7 - fresh fruit tarts
  6 - waffles with real maple syrup
  5 - home made pumpkin muffins
  4 - lots of cheeses i can't pronounce the names of
  3 - sleeping 15 minutes from a race venue
  2 - the raddest sweater i now own
  1 - Rich Roat of House Industries and his lovely wife Sharon hosting us for the Granogue Cyclocross race

And this is from me atmo -
This weekend we travel to New Gloucester, Maine for the Downeast Cyclocross Weekend. It's another two days of UCI C2 races
for the RS 'Cross Team. Film at eleven atmo.

Many thanks for reading.

6, October 2010

Greetings -

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is off to an uncharacteristically slow start this season. This weekend we
are off to the Providence Cyclocross Festival in Rhode Island with the hopes that we can jump start the energy
levels needed to earn the support and following that we've had these past years. So far, despite being caught out
with a prior commitment here, a badly timed crash there, and an injury or two, the team has had its share of top
tens in the events we have managed to finish. There are no excuses offered for a lack of accomplishment so far,
and my goal of having this team show its worth both on the field and off continues. As it is, I have gotten quite used
to better finishes, my own included, and realize that there will often be bumps in the road This year they seem to
have found us. For Justin, Josh, Matt, and myself, this weekend is the start of a new day atmo.

On other notes, I started a 2010 picture gallery on Flickr and this link will take you to all the images which are loaded
from oldest to newest. Go mental here XXXX . There also is a stand alone thread about my business on the Velocipede
Salon, a message board where I happen to share admin duties with my pals. There's a forum there called Smoked Out
whose raison d'etre (that's french for reason of the to be) is to introduce framebuilders to the registered reading public we
have there. The sub-board began this past winter with a different framebuilder holding court each week. Though I am the
host, I decided to grab the mic and start opining and sharing stories rather than let a void occur. Read it all here atmo XXXX .

Lastly, for those of you who have received my emails about ordering 2010 RS 'Cross Team clothing, that deadline remains
the 15th of this month so let me know as soon as possible if you are interesting.

All my best,


12, September, 2010

Greetings -

With less than a week to go before the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team begins its assault on the racing
season, I am making this the last email-to-all. This missive contains the texts supplied by the men who will
be just finishing up week one in seven days hence. Each year, I ask the riders to reflect on the team, or on
cyclocross, or themselves, or each other, and/or all things in between. It's my version of that assignment we
have all had in school that was under, "...so how did you all spend your summer vacation?". Here is what Matt,
Josh, Will, and Justin had to say...

From Matt Kraus -

Wednesday nights I have been going to Greenwich CT for a weekly world championship. I don't do much
summertime racing, so it provides a great outlet to supplement my training. I drive to a church parking lot,
warm up, rip the two hour ride and meander back to my car as the sun sets. This parking lot is quiet, tucked
into the woods and has become a hallowed ground. Week after week I get the euphoric, deserved and welcome
peace after the energy storm…all cyclists know and enjoy this feeling. After the ride last Wednesday I was totally
having a moment and it got me thinking how much I enjoy putting myself out there in that state of sheer output.
The more time passes on, the more I regard who, what and why I put myself in that state. This is my fourth season
on the team where I unquestionably give my all weekend after weekend. This team has become my cycling identity,
something I am proud of and will do almost anything to preserve. My competitive desires have narrowed into the fall,
less involved in other two wheeled organized activities. I still dabble from time to time but I have other things important
to me: an awesome wife and a good career path. I enjoy balancing my life, putting enough summer deposits in the bank
to support the heavy withdrawals the fall requires. I am accumulating hours towards getting licensed as Creative Arts
Therapist and Mental Health Counselor in New York, and should be licensed by early 2011. I work with kids ages 5-12
in an inpatient unit on a psychiatric hospital, a demanding and fun job that keeps me on my toes...so much that it was
easier to begin running for cross this year! I kid you not. On the horizon, Tali and I are trying to have kids, and I am
looking forward to all that brings into our lives. Bringing me back to the point. I feel like my life is dusk on a Wednesday
night, hard ride in the pocket, spent and headed home to a great dinner. It all takes work and the work always pays off.
This fall I am laying the groundwork to have one of my best seasons and am looking forward more than ever to spend
some time with the boys (and TLD), hanging it out to dry each and every weekend.

From Josh Dillon -

Thank you very much for the incredible offer to ride for the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. The team you have built
has been integral to the American cyclocross scene and its growth in the past decade. To be a part of this institution is
a tremendous honor and responsibility. I accept this opportunity of a lifetime. I pledge to represent you, the sponsors, and
my teammates, both past and present, to the best of my ability.

From Will Dugan -

Team Type 1 gave me a great pre-season to cyclocross this year. Last year it was CCB Racing, and next year is still to
be determined. Until then, I'll be out on 32c's with the Richard Sachs crew spinning on my fire-engine red transportation.

This season has been unique for me. It was my first full year as a professional in the sport and my eyes were opened wide
by racing in many of the world's toughest fields. Beginning with the San Dimas and Redlands Classic Stage Races, I finished
this year's list of larger stage races with an invitation to Tour of Qinghai Lake in China. It was nothing less than surreal. It was
completely mind blowing, not only to be half a day from home, but to see the day to day struggle of Chinese culture revolve
around our celebrated bike race.

It's been 9 months since I executed my last dismount and enjoyed my last Twizzler. Racing this year with TT1 has been a very
challenging novelty, but I'm looking forward to riding with the familiarity of Richard, Matt, Josh and Justin. These boys bring back
memories of easy-going, stripped-down-to-earth race weekends, polishing the essence of why we all ride. Yeah, it's great to punch
tickets and take names, but we're out there to pedal and show people that we do it because our hearts are in the sport. I took a
couple of weeks' vacation in Spain visiting Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona to complete my trip around the world after Qinghai Lake.
It was my break before my second half of the season and it served me well with hearty bread and quenching wine. I'm ready for some
good old New England Cyclocross and most of all I want to be back with these guys. It's one of the most comfortable and rewarding
groups of people to be around. See you on the course.

From Justin Spinelli -

Hi, my name is Justin Spinelli and I race bicycles. Try as i might, I just can't quit.

On the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team, mine is a special case. I am also a sponsor via my brand Luxe Wheelworks. This
makes me not only a team mate but also an industry insider. I like to consider myself a reliable source, and even the last word
on many high end components. I offer timeless, properly sorted machines. Most importantly I offer my fourteen years experience
as a bicycle technician and eleven years experience as a professional racing cyclist.

Has choosing this avenue of exclusivity kept doors closed and perhaps even persuaded others to think I am an effete elitist?
Perhaps. Do I care? Of course I do but I often pretend I don't. I'm getting closer and closer to not pretending at all.

I digress. Racing bikes. What's this all about, and what's the big deal anyways? Here is what it means to me: leaving it all out
on the race course, looking good while doing it, and representing my sponsors well.

Before I officially hang up the wheels it is my goal to make selection and compete at the Elite Cyclocross World Championships.
This should keep me occupied for at least a few more years.

Thanks for reading.

29, August 2010

Dear Will, Josh, Matt, and Justin -

In two weeks or so we will begin racing. The off-season for the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team
ended when the TDF started. Road bicycles are for 'cross training, and I know all of you are ready
to represent.

This year I will be sharing some back door details with you in the hope that knowledge is power atmo.

As far as the support system goes, all of the Cole wheels are en route. Donn (from Clement) is getting
us tires on an as needed basis I expect batch one any day now. I ordered enough stuff from Alex (from
) to get all the bicycles dialed. I plan to reuse a few 2009 parts too.

The Oval stuff is here, as are the Cane Creek headsets. I believe the cantis will follow. The pedals from
Crank Brothers and all the Rudy Project items will arrive by the end of week one in September. We'll
start the season using the last of the 2009 booty from Wippermann with another parcel coming soon. I
should also make note that all of the luggage (two different sized duffel bags, as well as a messenger bag)
from BailyWorks is here waiting to hand out, as is a season's worth of Chain-L No.5 lube. One addition
to last week's laundry list of sponsors is Northwave. Chats with pal John there stutter-stepped a bit while
the company was reorganizing its distribution, but I am happy to write that they are back with us for another
year and all your shoes were shipped three days ago. Oh happy feet.

As in the past, I supply the frames, all the Verge clothing, and the spares we will need all season (cleats,
cables, casing, brake pads, cassettes, energy bars, liquid refreshment from the boot of the Outback, etc).
The cash from the money sponsors covers what I use for your entry fees, motels, and some traveling. I am
pleased to report that we have more resources in 2010 than ever before, and expect the budget to still be
close to even. Have it, use it. That has become the status quo (that's Latin for My Way atmo) here.

So there it is. The RS 'Cross Team is fully supported by the bicycle industry. It supplies us with everything
you need to race with the exception of some spares (and IPAs) that I buy using my own operating budget.
That is a boatload of equipment. And it comes with strings attached.

In past years I have stressed and uber-stressed the concept of camaraderie, making memories, and the gift
we have of each others support all 'cross season long. None of that has changed. We help each other achieve
personal goals, and we also keep a light shining on the bigger picture - the one involving why we are here atmo.

The money sponsors and industry cats who underwrite us expect a high profile team, a team that gets press
regularly, and a team that can get a guy on the podium every weekend. We are no longer "just" a feel good,
team. We are racing to get notoriety for every single name and every
single dollar that has aligned with us. Don't ever forget that.

Go to the window and scream, 'Cross funckig rules atmo.

Hey - thanks for reading.


20, August 2010

Greetings -

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is ready atmo. A month from now, we will all be traveling
together, racing, making memories, and working towards goal number one: representing our long
list of sponsors and suppliers. In the next few emails-to-all I will be introducing the team riders by
way of having them post here in their own voice. In what has become a tradition with the RS 'Cross
, each season I ask the riders to pen about ten thousand words about themselves so as to
familiarize our friends and followers with who we really are. Not only do we race, and not only are
we all good pals who consider these five months together a gift, we are also men who feel, we are
men who think. We are men of depth who happen to race 'cross. I'm rambling. Look for these mini
bios in the next couple of weeks.

For now, I would like to thanks all of the team supporters by publicly outing the official racing team
clothing art files for this 'cross season. Mariola at (team sponsor) Verge Sport did a magnificent job
of revising them into what I think is our classiest kits yet. Have a look here. The official roll call is:

RGM Watch Company
Radix Group
Rex Chiu
Rajanaka Yoga
House Industries
The Fat Men
Joe Bell Custom Paint
Cole Wheels
Crank Brothers
Bailey Works
Oval Concepts
Rudy Project
Luxe Wheelworks
Velocipede Salon
Cane Creek
Chain-L No.5

Verge Sport

and Viewers Like You

Here is the proposed 2010 schedule that lead up to the National Championships in December:

Sept 18 Schoolhouse Cyclo-cross Williston, VT C2
Sept 19 Catamount Grand Prix Williston, VT C2 
Sept 25 The Nor Easter Cyclo-cross at Loon Mountain Lincoln, NH C2
Oct 2 Gran Prix of Gloucester 1 Gloucester, MA C2
Oct 3 Gran Prix of Gloucester 2 Gloucester, MA C2
Oct 9 Providence Cyclo-cross Providence, RI   C2
Oct 10 Providence Cyclo-cross Providence, RI C2
Oct 16 Granogue Cross Wilmington, DE C2
Oct 17 Granogue Cross Wilmington, DE C2
Oct 23 Downeast Cyclo-cross Day 1 New Gloucester, ME C2
Oct 24 Downeast Cyclo-cross Day 2 New Gloucester, ME C2
Oct 30 Beacon Cross Bridgeton, NJ C2
Oct 31 HPCX   Jamesburg, NJ C2
Nov 6 The Cycle-Smart International 1 Northampton, MA C2
Nov 7 The Cycle-Smart International 2 Northampton, MA C2
Nov 13 ?????
Nov 14 ?????
Nov 20 Super Cross Cup 1 Southampton, NY C2
Nov 21 Super Cross Cup 2 Southampton, NY C2
Nov 27 Baystate Cyclo-cross Sterling, MA C2
Nov 28 Baystate Cyclo-cross Sterling, MA  C2
Dec 4 NBX GP 1 Warwick, RI C2
Dec 5 NBX GP 2 Warwick, RI C2

On a personal note, in recent week I have exhausted the G10 to the point that if I never take another
picture again it will be too soon atmo. I have documented a frame being built and posted the entire
image sequence on my Flickr page. Warning: it's like visiting a sausage factory. Click here to see
all of the frame pics
and here to see all of the fork pics.

Lastly, this week, pal Brian over at The Washing Machine Post wrote an excellent text that dovetails
off of the above picture taking saga. It's entitled fastidiousness, and can be read at this link atmo.

Many thanks to all.


26, July 2010

Greetings -

I am very pleased, and proud, to make mention of this atmo. Brian from thewashingmachinepost
has written a very nice article about one of the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team's long standing
sponsors, Rex Chiu. As a matter of background, the seed for this story was planted when Brian
took delivery of a team issue rain jacket. His curiousity about some of the names and graphics that
were screened on it led to an email or three - and now we have his article.

Before I go, I want to add that I had the information Brian wanted for his research, but it was buried
in past entries in the team blog. Since I knew the story I was trying to link had the word "family" in
it, I did a search for that alone and was pleasantly amazed at how often it was used outside of Mr.
Chiu's story. Clearly, I have (also) used family many times over the years when blogging about the
RS 'Cross Team.

Now, about that wonderful story about Rex Chiu: Click here, huh!

Many thanks to Rex Chiu and to Brian, and to all of you for reading.


22, July 2010

Greetings -

Do you remember this gem of a pep talk atmo? Well the good folks at RS 'Cross Team sponsor,
House Industries, distilled the sentiment into a killer poster. It was offered only once before (at the
2010 North American Handmade Bicycle Show) and I am now listing them here on the team broadcast.

Some of these links speak to the project:
Polymer Graffiti 
Printing The Old Way
thewashingmachinepost again

Here are some images of the RS 'Cross Team poster:

If you'd like to see larger versions of these, click this link to a Flickr set.

I am offering these limited edition (only 200 were made) posters for $54 (includes s+h in an over sized flat
mailer from Uline. Along with the team poster, I am including two others that I printed over the past year.
Have a look at them at these links:
The Tao Of Atmo
The Frame Is The Frame
Again, that's all three posters for $54

All revenue from this sale goes into the RS 'Cross Team coffers and is used to offset the expenses incurred
during the racing campaign which runs from September though December and, with hope, until the World's in
mid winter atmo. I have set up a separate paypal account for this.

If you are interested in these posters as well as being the, er "you" in the phrase viewers like you (a way for
me to describe the support system that helps keep the team in the black...), please send a PayPal payment
for $54 to therichardsachs@gmail.com . On the off chance that you are not PayPal savvy, send me an email
at that address and I'll work with you without the 1s and 0s.

Hey - thanks for reading.


17, July 2010

Greetings -

It has been a while since I sent out a broadcast about the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. This
pre-season has been a full one for me personally and professionally, and this email will speak to that.
I have spent the last three months or so on a kinda' sorta' hiatus from work, and that personal time has
recently ended. After the long schlep from there (Connecticut) to here (Franklin County), followed by the
breaking in period of settling into new environs and also a new made-just-for-me studio, it has taken longer
than anticipated to find a balanced routine atmo. The first several months of 2010 were consumed with the
NAHBS show, and after a small break, the MAD show. By the time May arrived, the groove I expected to
finally stay in was derailed and I concluded that some much needed down time was the antidote. It's not
that I was on vacation or didn't come in to work, but the productivity was more apparent elsewhere than at
or from my workbench. So - this is all behind me now. As of last week I got back to the 24/7 framebuilding
lifestyle of my past. It was good to detach for a few months, and even better to reconnect atmo.

I am very proud to be part of the aforementioned show at the Museum of Arts and Design and would like to
thank Michael Maharam and Sacha White for their huuuuge efforts in making this a reality. The show is
named Bespoke: The Handbuilt Bicycle, and it runs through the end of August. For anyone near to the
New York City area and interested in 'cross, or bicycles, or handcrafted items, or any combination thereof,
you must see the exhibit. I have been culling the online searches to the show and will paste in some decent
reviews so you can get a feel for what is on display. Click through these, huh:

Commute By Bike
Wallpaper Redux
Cool Hunting
the washingmachine post *

* I have a particular affinity for this site no matter, but the link takes you to a nice story that's related to the show
in as much as it's about the collection of New Yorker magazines I have, all of which contain images of bicycles in
the cover art, some how, some way. There are over 110 variations since 1928, and I have all of them atmo. To wit,
here is a direct link to a Flickr gallery I started to store the scans I have done to date. (Note: the gallery is a work
in progress and only has a sampling of my collection so far).

The New Yorker Gallery

On the framebuilding side of the table, I want to connect all who read these missives with another project I am
involved with. On the famed online salon, Velocipede, we have started a new board called Smoked Out. In a
nutshell, the raison d'etre (that's french for the reason of the etre...) of the place is to introduce framebuilders of
renown to a wider-than-normal audience and to allow all of them to hold court in their own unique threads. The
cats speak to their beginnings, muses, tools, methods, riding experiences, and a trillion (not really) other things.
Readers of the board are encouraged to post to the framebuilders and ask questions about their work. So far at
least eighteen folks have had the light shined on them, with many more to follow. The link to all of this is here:

Smoked Out

So, find a pal builder or two from among those outed and ask them about your last (or next) frame. These are the
best of the brightest in our field, and all deserve your support atmo.

The last link I want to paste in contains a wonderful read about our pal, Dan Timmerman. As you must know, Dan
raced with the RS 'Cross Team in 2009. Over the winter, Dan decided that the rest of life was calling and has recently
retired from almost a decade at the top of the sport. He gave a killer interview a month or so ago and I want everyone
to know about it and to read it. We all wish Dan the best of everything atmo.

Dan T Unplugged

Oh I guess there's one more to add. Paul Weiss recently sent me a video shot at the end of 2008. It contains an
interview he did with us at the National Championships in Kansas City. If I recall, it's about twenty minutes long
and is a basis q/a format between me, Amy Wallace, Will Dugan, Matt Kraus, and Justin Spinelli. Paul has left
it online in its raw footage state and I hope it's cached for a long time. In watching it I am reminded why the RS
'Cross Team
lives for autumn and why 'cross fukingc rules atmo. Have a look and listen:

The Dear Hunter

Hey - thanks for reading. I'll be back in your inbox in another couple of weeks.


3, June 2010

Greetings -

It's been so long since I tended to the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team blog that I needed a refresher
on how to work the settings and some of the permissions atmo. So much has happened since the last
race (the Nats in Bend) that I feel disconnected with the broadcast machinery here. As many of you know,
we relocated this past autumn and have found a peaceful and very secluded spot in which to, er - start the
fourth quarter. Every aspect of the move went smoothly. The one tangent that was beyond my control was
the new studio. What with building permits, architects, and contractors, it took me about 5 months of waiting
before I was able to resume work. By February I was back at the bench atmo. With the exception of a few
detours such as NAHBS in Richmond, Virginia and, more recently, the Bespoke show at New York's Museum
of Art and Design, I have been working as diligently as possible. For the sleuths and bean counters out there,
don't ask me to define diligently.

The 2010 'cross season will be here soon. The RS 'Cross Team has all of its sponsors and suppliers returning
for another year. On the field, we have another excellent roster containing all the names familiar to those following
us and the sport all these past years. Matt Kraus, Will Dugan, and Josh Dillon will be joined by a returning alumnus
in the form of one Justin Spinelli. These four men, plus myself, will spend from late August through to the Nationals
in Oregon focused on cyclocross, our sponsors, and each other. This team has always stressed the experience of
racing over the actual racing itself, and our ways are well documented. The term I use is "making memories". It's
fitting because, though we are all 'cross zealots and bleed for our supporters, 'cross is not really life. For us to have
the 25 or so weekends together is our gift to ourselves and each other. We race hard, win often, and leave for home
each Sunday night wishing these days could last forever. More on all this as the weeks and months unfold.

I recently started a batch of frames that I hope to send out to pal and team sponsor, Joe Bell, for some fresh red
paint real soon. For those counting, I am limiting my production for this season's team bicycles to six. We have a
good supply of 2009 units still usable, and I'll supplement it with a few new ones.

I'll close by saying thanks to all who have followed us over the years. 2010 marks the 28th contiguous year (I love
that word, contiguous...) that I have been sponsoring a team, and also the 15th that I have been 'cross centric. We
live for the autumn months atmo.

Thanks for reading.


What - atmo unplugged
When - 17, January 8:30PM
Where -

21, December 2009

Greetings -

As the shortest day of the year nears an end,I'm here to write some more about the last few weeks of 2009
as it relates to the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team atmo. The National Championships have come and gone.

18, December 2009

Greetings -

Yes, I did miss a weekend update owing to the rush of the packing and traveling for the National Championships
so I'll try to get caught up here atmo. The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is officially leg's-up now that we've
all returned from Bend , Oregon. The next few emails will be about that event, the ones that preceded it, and what
follows next. Let me begin with the races in Rhode Island, the last two before we headed west.

The NBX G.P. of 'Cross Weekend in East Greenwich's Goddard Park is traditionally the closer for the circuit here
in New England. It also serves as the finale of the Verge Sport season long, 14 race series that is a primary focus
for many of the 'crossers in the northeast. All of the events are UCI C2 designations and the importance of doing well
in these for a myriad of reasons cannot be emphasized enough. I'm happy to write that our Dan Timmerman and Josh
Dillon capped off a stellar 2009 by finishing one-two on the podium. It's truly an accomplishment worthy of praise that
they performed so consistently over a span of so many events. The pair kept the RS 'Cross Team's visibility front and
center right up to the last kilometer as Dan and Josh also finished that final race in Rhode Island in first and second place.
In the Saturday race, Josh was fourth, narrowly missing a podium spot. Over the weekend team mate Will Dugan also
had great races finishing seventh and fifth respectively in the Elite Men's category. In the Master's events, Matt Kraus
with one S was fifth both days in the 35+ category, while I was sixth and then fourth over the two days in my 55+ race.
My regular season ended with me netting a fourth overall in the Verge Sport series in my division. For the folks looking
to collect stats and screen shots, here's a peek at what it all looked liked when over atmo:

Elites http://crossresults.com/?n=results&sn=verge
Masters 35+ http://crossresults.com/?n=results&sn=verge&series=V09+35%2BMen
Masters 55+ http://crossresults.com/?n=results&sn=verge&series=V09+55%2BMen

I'll write it right here and now that the RS 'Cross Team's 2009 campaign ended on a high note, just as it began in the
Spring months when all of this was still in the seedling stages. Through all of the planning, the shmoozing, the begging,
the child rearing, the pistol whipping, the twizzlers, the screaming, the waitresses, the saving the world one weekend at
a time through 'cross
, the road trips, the 2,704 emails to date, the reports, the pic mining after each race that often took
more time than training for 'cross itself takes - through ALL of this, this team succeeded in spades. I could not be more
pleased with how these men represented the brands and entities that keep us well oiled, or how fine a time was had by
us all as a group of individuals who, while we are all pals anyway, gained an ever better and stronger kinship owing to the
closeness and experiences we share over such a concentrated season of racing and traveling together, or, lastly, how
successful Dan, Josh, Will, and Pookums were in their own personal racing campaigns these past four months. I'll stack
up this year's squad and its accomplishments with any I've known over the years and confidently state that these cats have
raised the bar for all things 'cross.

For now, I'll google some sites that explain how to communicate in sentences far shorter than I have been accustomed to
writing, and fire this off to you all with the promise that another report will be sent into the ether by this coming Sunday. The
RS 'Cross Team's National Championship weekend reports 'n shit will follow at that time.

Thanks for reading.


1, December 2009

Greetings -

This will be a very brief update and report from the news desk at the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team atmo.
We spent this past weekend burning off sweet potatoes, dark meat, and long drives to Grandma's palace while
doing laps around Chocksett Middle School in Sterling, Massachsetts, site of the Baystate-Gearworks UCI C2
cyclocross events. Dan, Josh, and Will each had two remarkable days of racing in the Elite Men's category. In
the same order in which I typed their names, the finsishes were 2nd, 4th, and 5th on Saturday, and 3rd, 5th, and
7th on Sunday. All three got some good UCI points for this and Dan and Josh further secure their rightful spots
dominating the season long Verge Points Series. Have a look at the standings with only one weekend to go:
http://crossresults.com/?n=results&sn=verge I missed the first day of racing but arrived loaded for bear on
Sunday. Sadly, my four race winning streak ended with a bang. I lined up with almost 30 other 55+ cats and as
soon as the pistol fired I realized that it was going to be a struggle. An under inflated front tire caused me concern
from the first turn despite my ability to ride through most of the obstacles. I took a bicycle on lap two and lost little
time getting back into the first group. Later that lap I burped (that's a politically correct way of saying "rolled") a
rear tire on an off camber remount and had to push the mutha' back on before i could still feel like I was in the
game atmo. No matter - a turn or seven more and I was sideways on the floor, an act I was called back to perform
at least two more times before the finish line. So while I was there in Sterling hoping for a podium and the realizing
that the closest I was all race was near 4th place, I settled for a lowly 9th after the mechanicals and mishaps. Oh
well. My Verge Points Series standing is listed here: http://crossresults.com/?n=results&sn=verge&series=V09+55%2BMen
As far as the National rankings go, I still have no ideer if it's done by race results or by a combination of one's ability to
channel Sinatra while simultaneously doing the white man's overbite, but I remain quite high in the standings still, being
top five in all cats 30 and older:

and on top of the world in the actual age group in which I race:
PS I did it my way atmo.

I must run and be the Greek God of Kitchens, Dudycious (Do Dishes...) now so I'll cut this off here. The last item of
note is the long laundry list of links found below, all courtesy kinda' sorta' of Jeff Scher, a shooter based in Maine.
Click through ALL of them atmo because there are some great pics of Dan, Josh, and Will.


Hey - thanks for reading atmo.