28, July 2009

Greetings -

The pressure to do these Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team spam-a-thons is omnipresent atmo. I love
so many words that start with omni by the way (btw). I have such a full plate that lately I find myself making
excuses for not writing today when I can do it all in three days hence in a more relaxed state. For those in
the know, a more relaxed state is a literal description because as of 4 hours ago, we (moi and my wife, aka
The Lovely Deb) have a contract on our house here in Episcoville and, if all the moons continue to line up, we'll
relocate to Franklin County by late summer. Say it with me:Massachusetts - The New White Meat. That
will be a more relaxed state for sure, and if I'm wrong, there's no turning back.

All of the team frames are at the paint shop. We (the RS 'Cross Team) have a proposed schedule for 2009.
All of the art files are with Mariola at Verge Sport in New York. I'll have schematics to approve by the weekend.
When I do, I'll pass them around for all of you to see and drool over atmo.

Before I get into current news, I want to link you all with Brian in that jewel of a rock called Islay. Recently,
on Brian's seminal (I love that word, seminal - detractors can let me know if I used it incorrectly) site called
The Washing Machine Post, there was a nice article on the Columbus tubing I use. It's called PegoRichie
and it was co-designed by Dario and Ricardo. All of my frames are made of the material and all of the team
frames are built from the lightweight version of the set. To read the article, click on the porn icon ----> XXX .

The raison d'etre (yikes am I on literary fire or what...) of today's missive is to present two from among of this
year's support system. For 2009 we have several new sponsors. Cole Products will be supplying wheels for
this autumn's campaign. Cole is a new name for us in the northeast but the firm has been a supplier to many
of the pro peloton's best 'crossers for several years now. We look forward to a new, fresh start with Cole, and
hope to be kicking ass and taking names on these superb wheels in the near future. To visit the Cole website
and catch up with what they are doing, click the porn icon here ----> XXX . And PS here's a great glam shot of
one of the RS 'Cross Team bicycles, Cole wheels equipped. Again, hit the porn atmo ----> XXX. The pic is
courtesy of the master, Jeff Weir. As I always say, Yosemite had Ansel Adams; I have Jeff Weir. So, do you
feel dirty yet atmo?

In addition to Cole Products, another new 2009 sponsor is (or are) The Fat Men. No, that's not a typo or misprint.
For the sake of omnitransparency, all you'll need to know about these cats is in the text below. I can vouch for that
they are all men, none that I know of are actually fat, and they are from the Garden State. Think Badabing, but with
college educations.

From Jack Cole of Cole Products -

Cole Wheels is proud to be a technical partner with one of the highest regarded cyclocross programs in North America.
Since we first worked the pits at Hofstade, we’ve been addicted to cross here at Cole. We’ve had the luxury of working
with top Belgian and American riders, which has helped us make improvements on our wheel systems. Cross is a special
environment, with completely different technical considerations. It has the most passionate fans and the best scene to be
had at a bicycle race, whether in Flanders or in Portland.

We try to make the best wheels, and we know that Richard Sachs is a demanding team. For us, it’s a match made in heaven.

From Mikey Schmidt on behalf of The Fat Men -

The FatMen are pleased to throw their considerable girth and support behind the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team for the
upcoming 2009-2010 racing season. The Fatmen, for whom cankles hold peculiar appeal, are longtime (much to his dismay)
proponents of Richard's uncompromising skills as a framebuilder, cyclist, and ambassador for the sport. Besides, even though
he lives in Connecticut, he is Jersey born and bred (but we cannot get him to admit what exit). To those who wonder why
sponsor a racing team when you have no discernible product or service, other than a brand, we reply because we can, and
because cyclocross and Richard Sachs Cycles complement our commitment to the sport and the fun it engenders. We are
proud of our award-winning FatMen™ logo and we are excited about increased exposure for our club via the Richard Sachs team.

We are a cycling club based in central New Jersey comprised of skilled riders, former racers and one guy who can’t ride in a
straight line, who enjoy friendship with fellow enthusiasts. While a well developed beer gut and a large posterior are appreciated
for drafting purposes, they are not prerequisites, although a self-deprecating sense of humor is essential. We ride from The Bike Stand,
a popular and well-known bike shop located at 1778 East Second Street in Scotch Plains, New Jersey. In addition to logging LOTS
of mileage on the bikes, we also value a laughter-filled, rich, and rewarding social calendar. We ride all year except in very inclement
weather conditions. Current schedule for spring, summer, fall, and winter seasons:
Saturdays @ 8:00 a.m. -- hills
Sundays @ 8:00 a.m. -- flats/rollers
During brighter months we conduct Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday training rides in the evenings. Fridays are reserved for Beer Night
at The Bike Stand with traditional merrymaking. All rides commence and conclude at The Bike Stand except where noted. Competent
men and women are welcomed at all rides.

Our distinctive red, black, and white jerseys are familiar to many people throughout the United States and around the world. The creator
of our FatMen club brand is David Neuhaus, a fellow Fatman and graphic designer. In 2009 the design received top honors for excellence
by the New Jersey Art Directors Club and was also awarded first place in the wearables division.

Thanks, Jack Cole, Mikey and all of the Fat Men.

The next time I write there will be links to all of the 2009 team art files from Verge Sport as well as news about the roster for this
year's RS 'Cross Team. Look for it all in an omniweek or so atmo.

Thanks for reading.

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

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