11, August 2009

Greetings -

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team's pre-season is essentially over atmo. All the frames are being painted,
all the new kits are being produced, all of the components from the long list of suppliers should descend here (or
there...) shortly, and soon these updates will be about the racing!

Regarding the racing kits, the art files are pretty much done, and I have signed off on the PDF versions just today.
The folks at Verge Sport have once again done a stellar job with the revisions. Mad props to Mariola there for her
attention to detail so that we will once again have the best looking outfits on the 'cross circuit. have a look ----> XXX .

It's great to see new sponsor for 2009 (and long thereafter, we hope), Cole Products, get some virtual love in
the form of a product review on VeloNews' online pages. The writer took a good hard look at the road wheels
and, all in all, it bodes well for the brand. Have a look here -----> XXX . For our 'cross campaign which begins
soon, a special wheel set designed in conjunction with us (the lab rats at Richard Sachs, Worldwide, Inc.) is
in the works. Stay tuned atmo.

In other RS 'Cross Team news, freshman sponsor/supplier Bailey Works is the official luggage, baggage, and
carry on brand for us. I have used the New Hampshire firm's product offerings since last January and am very
pleased to have them as part of the support system atmo. Have a quick look ate what they make ----> XXX. I
asked Toni Smith from Bailey Works to send over a few words about the new liaison, and here is what she wrote:

BaileyWorks had the good fortune joining the sponsorship group of Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team early in 2009. We are
new and enthusiastic members of this happy family. “Time for a team bag” we all seemed to say. The requirements were
straightforward: the bag had to be big enough to carry the riders’ gear, tough enough to endure the riders’ travels, and it
needed enough real estate to accommodate a large “atmo” on the exterior.

Working together, we came up with two customized bags – suitable for both the team and friends of the team. The team
sports the medium Whale Mouth Duffel. This bag’s capacity is 2,835 cubic inches, or 126 cans of beer (which would be
heavy indeed, weighing in at a bit more than 103 pounds). This Duffel is strong and its contents are easily accessible. It’s
made of super sturdy 1,000 denier US-sourced Cordura and has a zipper that is 50% longer than the bag itself (hence the
name, Whalemouth), and an adjustable split strap that allows it to be worn tightly across the chest when riding. These
customized ATMO Duffels, along with a customized ATMO 253 Courier Bag, or as Richard likes to call them, “man bags”,
are available to friends of the team as well.

Like the RS Cross Team, we are New Englanders. Our bags are stitched right here in our Portsmouth, NH shop by Jan, Jenn
and Caroline. BaileyWorks has been here, making bags, for 15 years. If you are ever in the neighborhood, please stop in!

Great stuff atmo. For those unaware of what these gems look like, please visit my Sachs Toys page ----> XXX or have a look
on my well stocked Flickr site ----> XXX .

Regarding the move from bucolic Episcoville to the remote and uberbucolic region of Franklin County Massachusetts, I have
been slowly and systematically been deconstructing the NoMaChe atelier. No matter - this doesn't make me a constructeur
has been. However, the things one finds after a 3 decade (and then some) stint on the same street. I am in the middle of a
huge purge-a-thon and have chosen eBay for some of my treasures. Bid high and bid often atmo ----> XXX .

On an unrelated-to-sports note, The Framebuilders' Collective was formed over the past 30 or so months. You may read about
this group here ----> XXX . I am proud to link a recent print article that I scanned and now lives online. Have a read on a dedicated
Flickr gallery ----> XXX . To have a clearer shot at it, please expand the page so that the type is readable.

Lastly and on a completely lighthearted note, the collateral damage (hardly) of some of my recent deconstructing has found its
way onto the collective radar of the bright lights at House Industries in Yorklyn, Delaware. Pals Ben and Rich caught some of
my Flickr action and blogged about it this morning. Have a look, and click through some of the hyperlinks when you read this.
Atmo, there are no secrets among us here ----> XXX .

In 3-4 days I will be in your inbox again. The 2009 'cross season starts in several weeks, and I will let you know all about the
Elite Team we have representing all of you, our sponsors, suppliers, friends, and fans. I have texts and bios from a killer troupe
of racers and I can't wait to have you read what Josh Dillon, Will Dugan, Amy Dombroski (there's no W...), and Dan Timmerman
have to say about what's it store for all of us as soon as the racing begins atmo.

Thanks for reading.

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

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