20, August 2010

Greetings -

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is ready atmo. A month from now, we will all be traveling
together, racing, making memories, and working towards goal number one: representing our long
list of sponsors and suppliers. In the next few emails-to-all I will be introducing the team riders by
way of having them post here in their own voice. In what has become a tradition with the RS 'Cross
, each season I ask the riders to pen about ten thousand words about themselves so as to
familiarize our friends and followers with who we really are. Not only do we race, and not only are
we all good pals who consider these five months together a gift, we are also men who feel, we are
men who think. We are men of depth who happen to race 'cross. I'm rambling. Look for these mini
bios in the next couple of weeks.

For now, I would like to thanks all of the team supporters by publicly outing the official racing team
clothing art files for this 'cross season. Mariola at (team sponsor) Verge Sport did a magnificent job
of revising them into what I think is our classiest kits yet. Have a look here. The official roll call is:

RGM Watch Company
Radix Group
Rex Chiu
Rajanaka Yoga
House Industries
The Fat Men
Joe Bell Custom Paint
Cole Wheels
Crank Brothers
Bailey Works
Oval Concepts
Rudy Project
Luxe Wheelworks
Velocipede Salon
Cane Creek
Chain-L No.5

Verge Sport

and Viewers Like You

Here is the proposed 2010 schedule that lead up to the National Championships in December:

Sept 18 Schoolhouse Cyclo-cross Williston, VT C2
Sept 19 Catamount Grand Prix Williston, VT C2 
Sept 25 The Nor Easter Cyclo-cross at Loon Mountain Lincoln, NH C2
Oct 2 Gran Prix of Gloucester 1 Gloucester, MA C2
Oct 3 Gran Prix of Gloucester 2 Gloucester, MA C2
Oct 9 Providence Cyclo-cross Providence, RI   C2
Oct 10 Providence Cyclo-cross Providence, RI C2
Oct 16 Granogue Cross Wilmington, DE C2
Oct 17 Granogue Cross Wilmington, DE C2
Oct 23 Downeast Cyclo-cross Day 1 New Gloucester, ME C2
Oct 24 Downeast Cyclo-cross Day 2 New Gloucester, ME C2
Oct 30 Beacon Cross Bridgeton, NJ C2
Oct 31 HPCX   Jamesburg, NJ C2
Nov 6 The Cycle-Smart International 1 Northampton, MA C2
Nov 7 The Cycle-Smart International 2 Northampton, MA C2
Nov 13 ?????
Nov 14 ?????
Nov 20 Super Cross Cup 1 Southampton, NY C2
Nov 21 Super Cross Cup 2 Southampton, NY C2
Nov 27 Baystate Cyclo-cross Sterling, MA C2
Nov 28 Baystate Cyclo-cross Sterling, MA  C2
Dec 4 NBX GP 1 Warwick, RI C2
Dec 5 NBX GP 2 Warwick, RI C2

On a personal note, in recent week I have exhausted the G10 to the point that if I never take another
picture again it will be too soon atmo. I have documented a frame being built and posted the entire
image sequence on my Flickr page. Warning: it's like visiting a sausage factory. Click here to see
all of the frame pics
and here to see all of the fork pics.

Lastly, this week, pal Brian over at The Washing Machine Post wrote an excellent text that dovetails
off of the above picture taking saga. It's entitled fastidiousness, and can be read at this link atmo.

Many thanks to all.


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