29, August 2010

Dear Will, Josh, Matt, and Justin -

In two weeks or so we will begin racing. The off-season for the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team
ended when the TDF started. Road bicycles are for 'cross training, and I know all of you are ready
to represent.

This year I will be sharing some back door details with you in the hope that knowledge is power atmo.

As far as the support system goes, all of the Cole wheels are en route. Donn (from Clement) is getting
us tires on an as needed basis I expect batch one any day now. I ordered enough stuff from Alex (from
) to get all the bicycles dialed. I plan to reuse a few 2009 parts too.

The Oval stuff is here, as are the Cane Creek headsets. I believe the cantis will follow. The pedals from
Crank Brothers and all the Rudy Project items will arrive by the end of week one in September. We'll
start the season using the last of the 2009 booty from Wippermann with another parcel coming soon. I
should also make note that all of the luggage (two different sized duffel bags, as well as a messenger bag)
from BailyWorks is here waiting to hand out, as is a season's worth of Chain-L No.5 lube. One addition
to last week's laundry list of sponsors is Northwave. Chats with pal John there stutter-stepped a bit while
the company was reorganizing its distribution, but I am happy to write that they are back with us for another
year and all your shoes were shipped three days ago. Oh happy feet.

As in the past, I supply the frames, all the Verge clothing, and the spares we will need all season (cleats,
cables, casing, brake pads, cassettes, energy bars, liquid refreshment from the boot of the Outback, etc).
The cash from the money sponsors covers what I use for your entry fees, motels, and some traveling. I am
pleased to report that we have more resources in 2010 than ever before, and expect the budget to still be
close to even. Have it, use it. That has become the status quo (that's Latin for My Way atmo) here.

So there it is. The RS 'Cross Team is fully supported by the bicycle industry. It supplies us with everything
you need to race with the exception of some spares (and IPAs) that I buy using my own operating budget.
That is a boatload of equipment. And it comes with strings attached.

In past years I have stressed and uber-stressed the concept of camaraderie, making memories, and the gift
we have of each others support all 'cross season long. None of that has changed. We help each other achieve
personal goals, and we also keep a light shining on the bigger picture - the one involving why we are here atmo.

The money sponsors and industry cats who underwrite us expect a high profile team, a team that gets press
regularly, and a team that can get a guy on the podium every weekend. We are no longer "just" a feel good,
team. We are racing to get notoriety for every single name and every
single dollar that has aligned with us. Don't ever forget that.

Go to the window and scream, 'Cross funckig rules atmo.

Hey - thanks for reading.


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