12, September, 2010

Greetings -

With less than a week to go before the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team begins its assault on the racing
season, I am making this the last email-to-all. This missive contains the texts supplied by the men who will
be just finishing up week one in seven days hence. Each year, I ask the riders to reflect on the team, or on
cyclocross, or themselves, or each other, and/or all things in between. It's my version of that assignment we
have all had in school that was under, "...so how did you all spend your summer vacation?". Here is what Matt,
Josh, Will, and Justin had to say...

From Matt Kraus -

Wednesday nights I have been going to Greenwich CT for a weekly world championship. I don't do much
summertime racing, so it provides a great outlet to supplement my training. I drive to a church parking lot,
warm up, rip the two hour ride and meander back to my car as the sun sets. This parking lot is quiet, tucked
into the woods and has become a hallowed ground. Week after week I get the euphoric, deserved and welcome
peace after the energy storm…all cyclists know and enjoy this feeling. After the ride last Wednesday I was totally
having a moment and it got me thinking how much I enjoy putting myself out there in that state of sheer output.
The more time passes on, the more I regard who, what and why I put myself in that state. This is my fourth season
on the team where I unquestionably give my all weekend after weekend. This team has become my cycling identity,
something I am proud of and will do almost anything to preserve. My competitive desires have narrowed into the fall,
less involved in other two wheeled organized activities. I still dabble from time to time but I have other things important
to me: an awesome wife and a good career path. I enjoy balancing my life, putting enough summer deposits in the bank
to support the heavy withdrawals the fall requires. I am accumulating hours towards getting licensed as Creative Arts
Therapist and Mental Health Counselor in New York, and should be licensed by early 2011. I work with kids ages 5-12
in an inpatient unit on a psychiatric hospital, a demanding and fun job that keeps me on my toes...so much that it was
easier to begin running for cross this year! I kid you not. On the horizon, Tali and I are trying to have kids, and I am
looking forward to all that brings into our lives. Bringing me back to the point. I feel like my life is dusk on a Wednesday
night, hard ride in the pocket, spent and headed home to a great dinner. It all takes work and the work always pays off.
This fall I am laying the groundwork to have one of my best seasons and am looking forward more than ever to spend
some time with the boys (and TLD), hanging it out to dry each and every weekend.

From Josh Dillon -

Thank you very much for the incredible offer to ride for the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. The team you have built
has been integral to the American cyclocross scene and its growth in the past decade. To be a part of this institution is
a tremendous honor and responsibility. I accept this opportunity of a lifetime. I pledge to represent you, the sponsors, and
my teammates, both past and present, to the best of my ability.

From Will Dugan -

Team Type 1 gave me a great pre-season to cyclocross this year. Last year it was CCB Racing, and next year is still to
be determined. Until then, I'll be out on 32c's with the Richard Sachs crew spinning on my fire-engine red transportation.

This season has been unique for me. It was my first full year as a professional in the sport and my eyes were opened wide
by racing in many of the world's toughest fields. Beginning with the San Dimas and Redlands Classic Stage Races, I finished
this year's list of larger stage races with an invitation to Tour of Qinghai Lake in China. It was nothing less than surreal. It was
completely mind blowing, not only to be half a day from home, but to see the day to day struggle of Chinese culture revolve
around our celebrated bike race.

It's been 9 months since I executed my last dismount and enjoyed my last Twizzler. Racing this year with TT1 has been a very
challenging novelty, but I'm looking forward to riding with the familiarity of Richard, Matt, Josh and Justin. These boys bring back
memories of easy-going, stripped-down-to-earth race weekends, polishing the essence of why we all ride. Yeah, it's great to punch
tickets and take names, but we're out there to pedal and show people that we do it because our hearts are in the sport. I took a
couple of weeks' vacation in Spain visiting Madrid, Valencia and Barcelona to complete my trip around the world after Qinghai Lake.
It was my break before my second half of the season and it served me well with hearty bread and quenching wine. I'm ready for some
good old New England Cyclocross and most of all I want to be back with these guys. It's one of the most comfortable and rewarding
groups of people to be around. See you on the course.

From Justin Spinelli -

Hi, my name is Justin Spinelli and I race bicycles. Try as i might, I just can't quit.

On the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team, mine is a special case. I am also a sponsor via my brand Luxe Wheelworks. This
makes me not only a team mate but also an industry insider. I like to consider myself a reliable source, and even the last word
on many high end components. I offer timeless, properly sorted machines. Most importantly I offer my fourteen years experience
as a bicycle technician and eleven years experience as a professional racing cyclist.

Has choosing this avenue of exclusivity kept doors closed and perhaps even persuaded others to think I am an effete elitist?
Perhaps. Do I care? Of course I do but I often pretend I don't. I'm getting closer and closer to not pretending at all.

I digress. Racing bikes. What's this all about, and what's the big deal anyways? Here is what it means to me: leaving it all out
on the race course, looking good while doing it, and representing my sponsors well.

Before I officially hang up the wheels it is my goal to make selection and compete at the Elite Cyclocross World Championships.
This should keep me occupied for at least a few more years.

Thanks for reading.

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