11, October 2009

Greetings atmo -

Here's the deal - the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team had a stellar weekend of racing in Providence,
Rhode Island. The event was aptly named the Providence Cyclocross Festival. The 2 days of UCI C2
races were held concurrently with an east coast Interbike trade show. The venue was Roger Williams
Park in nearby Warwick. This was the first weekend in 2009 when all card carrying members of the team
were at the same place at the same time. For me, Richard Sachs, the energy was electric. After all the
months of planning and anticipation, to have Pookums, Will, Amy, Dan, and Josh, as well as TLD and
Sam, was a gift. We bonded, we laughed, we represented, we raced, and we killed it atmo. On both days,
we were in the race rather than "...just following wheels". I have mined 2 race reports that best tell the stories,
and have also added pic links.

Day One Report
i'm a link

Day Two Report
click me huh

Day One Women
pic one
pic one point seven
pic oh four four
pic fifty nothing
pic pi

Day One Not Women
pic up line
pic tina
pic sam's boy

Day Two Women
pic for
pic six six six
pic world peas

Day Two Not Women
pic salvation
pic team type one
pic new shoes
pic an RGM watch
pic northwave whites
pic some creativity
pic effete elitism
pic your name here

If you've read this far, I have more news and links. I've personally been on an image mining campaign for
2009 and the Flickr site where all of the piracy lives right here at this link. Note that I have formatted the
gallery so that the newer loaded pictures are at the front of the list. If you return to the page, the order
of the images will remain newest to oldest.

I also am happy to mention that Amy's blog is getting regular 'cross centric updates. As I wrote last week,
she sure can turn a phrase. Have a read here atmo. Good stuff atmo.

Lastly, our sponsor, House Industries, posted a nice account about our recent successes on their blog.
Go mental here
. Speaking of successes, here's the Atmo's List from the 2 days of racing:

Amy "Dom if if you, Dom if you don't" Dombroski - third BOTH days
Dan "Vincent Bugliosi pardoned me" Timmerman - eighth and fourth, respectively
Josh "Desolation Row" Dillon - ninth and seventh, respectively
Will "Just Du It" Dugan - eighteenth and eighth, respectively
Matt "Pookums" Kraus with 1 S - seventh on Sunday
Richard "The Iceberg/Goldberg Chronicler" Sachs - seventh BOTH days

We all travel down to the MAC states his weekend for my favorite 2 days of racing of the season. On
Saturday we'll be at the DuPont estate for the UCI C2 race at Grenogue, and on Sunday we travel a
few miles north to Ludwig's Corner in Pennsylvania for the Wissihickon 'Cross, also a UCI C2.

Thanks for reading.



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