19, October 2009

Greetings -

This past weekend the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team traveled to the MAC states and had a grand road
trip taking in UCI C2 races at Grenogue and Wissihickon. I have to say at the front end of this text that the
team we have representing the sponsors in 2009 is having the finest, most consistent start to a season that
I have ever been associated with. It goes without saying that the riders - Pookums, Amy, Dan, Josh, and Will,
are bonding well and helping each other achieve personal goals. The camaraderie on the road has been wonderful.
The message at this time is about the racing and the results atmo. In the Brandywine Valley, the RS 'Cross Team
had the most complete two days of racing ever. Here is a laundry list of sorts that speaks to this:

Dan Timmerman
5th Grenouge UCI C2
3rd Wissihickon UCI C2

Matt Kraus
3rd Grenouge 35+ Masters
2nd Wissihickon 35+ Masters

Josh Dillon
8th Grenouge UCI C2
6th Wissihickon UCI C2

Will Dugan
6th Grenouge UCI C2
9th Wissihickon UCI C2

Richard Sachs
1st Grenouge 55+ Masters
3rd Wissihickon 55+ Masters

Atmo there are many, MANY galleries on the net this weekend and mining the best pictures would be a task so daunting
that I am not up for it at this time. To that end, I'll paste in some links* that will allow you to find the images. Have fun...

Anthony Skorochod 1.0
Anthony Skorochod 2.0
Anthony Skorochod 3.0 (coming soon)
Anthony Skorochod 4.0 (ditto...)

Michael Kirk 1.0
Michael Kirk 2.0
Michael Kirk 3.0

Dennis Smith 1.0

Dennis Smith 2.0
Dennis Smith 3.0
Dennis Smith 4.0
(coming soon)

cyclingnews dot com 1.0
cyclingnews dot com 2.0

*Surf around and through the above links to find the RS 'Cross Team racers. Also worth spending time on are the videos
that Colt McElwaine captures on his seminal site, cyclingdirt dot org. (I love using the word seminal in a sentence).

Will 1.0
Dan 1.0
Dan 2.0
Will 2.0

An eff-why-eye as well: I have dumped a few cool "lifestyle" pictures on a dedicated Flickr gallery. These were all from
my G10 and are fro this past weekend. have a peek - XXX .

On behalf of all of us who traveled south this past weekend, I want to extend a hearty thanks and a dozen man hugs to
Rich Roat and Ben Kiel from House Industries, our sponsor from Yorklyn, Delaware. These cats extended hospitality to us
that is unrivaled in all the years of team road trips. You two went to the well for us, it showed in spades, and we are eternally
grateful atmo. I also want to mention that Joel Ankey from the RGM Watch Company was present at the race on Sunday and
it was a treat to see him again after first meeting several years ago. Many thanks for coming, Joel!

I know there is so much more to write, yet I am weary from the driving, the 3 days away, and the ongoing routine of still getting
settled into the new empire here in Franklin County, Massachusetts. Apologies for any ommissions. Oh and ps - please buy
some of my t-shirts so we can live (sic) another week. Clickmo!

'Cross does kcufign rule atmo!

All my best.


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