8, October 2009

Greetings -

Already it is Thursday and I am only just now catching up on last weekend's road trip to Gloucester, Massachusetts.
The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team threw its "Save the World, One 'Cross Weekend at a Time" attitude into what
is known around here as the New England World Championships and came home with some very good race results.
Before I list them, here are some links that you should know about and click through as time allows. For starters, I
have begun to compile images from this season and they live on a new Flickr gallery. Also pasted here is a link to
Amy's personal blog where she has penned two entries since the G'ster event. The girl can write atmo. Lastly, I have
mined some pic links and video links from Colt McElewaine's most excellent site, cyclingdirt dot org. These are all
fresh from the coast of Gloucester. Have a look at these:





Race results from the Great Brewer's Gran Prix of Gloucester Day 1

Elite Men
14 Will Dugan
20 Dan Timmerman
22 Josh Dillon
Elite Women
9 Amy Dombroski
Masters Men 55+
6 Richard Sachs

Race results from the Great Brewer's Gran Prix of Gloucester Day 2
Elite Men
7 Dan Timmerman
15 Will Dugan
19 Josh Dillon
Elite Women
6 Amy Dombroski
Masters Men 55+
5 Richard Sachs

The time just flies by around here in the new routine we have in Franklin County and already we are planning for the
trip down to Providence, Rhode Island for Providence Cyclocross Festival. Here's a link to that event:

I promise to be more chatty and certainly more timely after Sunday's drive home and get a race report, some great
links, and of course - more shameless RS 'Cross Team props - into the ether by Monday.

Thanks for reading.


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