8, December 2008

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This past weekend's races included back to back UCI C2 events in Warwick, Rhode Island at beautiful
Goddard Park on Narragansett Bay.
The NBX G.P. of 'Cross was the last ever home stand for the 2008
version of the
Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. For many. this was a last ditch effort to either 1) get
some valuable UCI points that would help with the call ups and final start positions at the Natz this coming

weekend, and 2) gain or lose momentum in this, the final two races of the season-long New England
Championship Cyclocross Series
, sponsored by RS 'Cross Team apparel maker Vergesport. For us
it was another productive weekend of results along with some podium
appearances atmo.Will, Justin.
Matt, Amy, and myself were present for the two days. I'll spare you some of the details regarding the
crashes, mishaps, and mechanicals we suffered and get straight to the finishes. In the Elite Women's
race, Amy came in ninth, and in the Elite
Men's race, Pookums was thirteenth and Rotundo was sixth.
Atmo these cats raced so much better than the results would suggest but sometimes,
especially in 'cross,
a zig-turned-zag (or similar) can knock anyone down or over a place or three in the win/loss column. In
the Elitest Master's race,
I finished second after spending most of the fourty minutes chasing for third
space. My eyes were so crossed at the line that I had no idea that I
made up an extra body in the last
sand pit. While I was pleased to snag a third, I was even more surprised to find I was incorrect and into
place did I go. I'll take what I can get. For my part, the finish put me in good stead for the points
series since I have had good, consistant results
in all of the events. I started Saturday's race in third position
and my finish on day one put me into second overall. A win on Sunday, for me, was
a long shot, though
possible, and if I did finish first, I'd wear the Leader's Jersey. Read on

So Sunday was a different day for all of us. No mishaps. But the weather had changed decidedly. Snow,
the winter season's first, was upon us.
For most of the evening and dawn, a dusting had help at least two
to three inches of the slippery and soft white stuff on the ground, The temps
were also lower on that day.
My race was the first to go off, and despite not doing a complete ride-through on the parcours, I felt at ease
mildly confident that I could win. After getting second place at least six times in 2008 I was ready to take
no prisoners. A fast start on some
kinda' sorta' icy macadam led about twenty two card carrying AARPers
into the beach sand area and to the course's first running section all
within the first minute of racing. I was
okay with my start, but not fully at ease with the slippery stuff under my Fangos. It was the stuff, not the

Fangos atmo. I made it to the first run-up in fifth position but knew early that my desire to go for the win at
all costs was less than my ability
to negotiate the ruts and the sliding I'd have to endure for slightly less than
an hour's time. My fitness and motivation were fine, but when it
becomes a bike handling course, I get in my
own way more than anything else. From mid way into lap one, I was in fourth place and always
no less than
fifteen seconds from my competitors. I spent the entire race looking for a section to make up one body at a
time, yet always
found a tree or a root or a barrier that kept me from fulfilling my goal. I finished day two in
fourth place, still less than thirteen seconds from a
win, but that's racing. The fourth kept me in second
overall for the Verge Series so I must be content for that, and tip my hat to Dusty Adams
who wears the
Leader's Jersey at season's end. Dusty was a formidable adversary going back to the first event of 2008
in Amesbury and I
thoroughly enjoyed chasing him as well as being chased lo these past four months.

In the afternoon races, the RS 'Cross Team did quite well again atmo. Amy came in seventh, and Justin
and Matt were second and eighth
respectively. Will ended up as the third U23 racer in his event and
twentieth overall. So the great news is that we collected more UCI points
heading into next week's National
Championships in Kansas City, and that all of the riders are carrying excellent fitness going into the end
the season, especially Justin. His race on Sunday was his best in 2008, and that's a hard comment/choice
for me to make since he's
had so many fine finishes this 'cross season. For those who'd like to read the
race reports on cyclingnews dot com,
click here to start on day one and click here to read about day two.
I've culled out some of the better images and will list them below:

The Living Legend

Thanks for reading if you've made it this far atmo. I'll mention here that the famed and heavily trafficked
team Flickr pages are expanding
again thanks to all the fine images I have received (and also mined...)
from my pal photographers. Please keep these links handy because
I will soon add another seventy or so
hi-res pics from the most recent four races.

Gallery One (at capacity)
Gallery Two (in progress)
Front Page (has all sets)

On Wednesday I will head to Missouri for the National Championships. I race on Thursday at 1PM and
Will, Matt, Amy, and Justin race on
the weekend. It has been a long, but good season. We raced hard,
represented well, and made memories atmo. Everything we set out to do,
we did. I love this team and I
love my team mates. 'Cross fukincg rules atmo. In a week or so another season will be history. Thanks
so much
for following it.

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

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