17, December 2008

Greetings -

The end of the season should be a culmination of dreams and fulfilling goals. The National Championships
in Kansas City have come and gone. The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team did exceptionally well as was
planned and expected. Young Will Dugan won us our 10th Stars and Stripes jersey since 1997 when
he aced
the Division One Collegiate event on Sunday. The day before, in the U23 race, he was a strong
7th. Will is
now off to Belgium to be part of Geoff Proctor's two-week 'cross camp in the hopes of being
named to the
World's Team in February. If he is, he'd be the 4th RS 'Cross Team cat since 2000 to make
it all the way to
the big dance atmo. Forza Will.

All of us had strong races at the Natz. Justin absolutely fukincg killed it in the Elite Men's race and came in
9th. "Pookums" Kraus with one S finished 37th. This was just one day after a stellar ride in the Masters 35+
race in which he took 2nd. It was a dream come true. Amy "Vote For" Wallace was just outside of the top 20
and finished strong in 27th place. In my 55+ event, I was hoping for a top ten but am pleased with the 12th
place I finished in.

This entry will be cut short here and I'll leave you this explnantion: Several moons didn't line up exactly right
for me this past week and it's now time to face a reality that I'd rather ignore. On the trip out, my laptop, all
10,000 pics, art files, docs, and all, was pilfered from my checked baggage. I have been banging away on
borrowed appliances for the past 6 days. I'm kinda' sorta' fucked until further notice, and my zeal (readers
here will know how much I love using that word in a sentence) for culling pics, articles, comments, and props
for and with the RS 'Cross Team is greatly affected. It's like wanting to fish, but without having a pole handy.
I promise that once a new Dell Vostro whatever shows up, I will resume this page and add to it as best as
I can. The 2008 'cross season wrap up may appear here in 2009, but I promise I will not end it all here. We
did great in KC and had a wonderful time all these past 5 months atmo.

And - in addition to the fact that there's hardly an e in e-RICHIE until further notice, I also have to deal with
the residual crap that's part of the last 30 minutes at our stay at lovely Tiffany Springs Park. WTF? Here's
a glimpse of what happens when trailer park behavior meets 14 RS 'Cross Team bicycles minding their
own business: http://pa.photoshelter.com/gallery-show/G0000n6uvqM258gM I have my hands full
already with paperwork and police reports and US Air paperwork that deals with my old Dell and the
that occured en route. Now I have to add to this a date with my lawyer so that the cowboys whose 600 or
so pounds of St. Louis waste that landed on my bicycles can have their fair share of FRNs extracted from
their collectve pockets and pay for the damage they caused. Film at eleven.

Thanks for reading.

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA


  1. those clowns sound like they deserve a hefty penalty for spoiling the end of a great season for so many folks. serious jerks! i hope you are able to recover what you are owed from this though.

    see you next fall!

  2. yowsa, that's insane. JP said those guys were heckling him on the podium too. what a bunch of jerks!

  3. Sorry to hear about the fight and bikes, it really is awful to see that kind of behavior. Congrats on a great season this year, and good luck with getting the compensation for the damaged bikes.

  4. you can clearly see from the photos that one mighty shove from Cori's mittened hand caused them all to fall like dominoes onto the unfortunate bicycles.

    That's real baby mamma power right there.