1, December 2008

Greetings -

What a race weekend atmo. Or, more specifically, what a day Saturday was for the Richard Sachs
Cyclocross Team
. First off, I hope all who read here had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and
friends, ate and drank a lot, and managed
to travel to and fro without much bother. We went south to
Jersey (crossing the Hudson River for what must be the 7th time
since October) and had a very nice 36
hour visit with my family down at the shore. Upon return to the hell hole of a hamlet
we call Chester, I
got the car unloaded from the holiday and then reloaded for the trip to Sterling, Massachusetts for the

Baystate Cyclocross. This event was a UCI C2 race and there were those wacky, valuable UCI points
going down to tenth
place. The race also was part of the season long Verge New England Cyclocross
Championship Series
. The RS 'Cross Team got points, just let me tell you atmo. In my Master's race,
I ended up in third place and am now in third place overall in
my age group series ( I was second going
in to the day. Bwaaaaaaaaaa...). In the Elite Women's race at 1:30PM,
Amy had one of her best results
of 2008. For most of the race it looked like the Issimo was in an uncontested battle for third, but with
couple of laps to go, was sandwiched between two team mates from NEBC. Ultimately a gap opened and
Amy rode in to
fourth place and captured a Birken bag full of UCI points going into the Natz in two weeks.
In the Elite Men's race,
Justin, Matt, and Will were on the start line along with some of the best 'crossers
from the East Coast. While the trio didn't have
the explosive first lap start that young Nick Keogh did, they
all but made up for it as the laps counted down. Spinmo had
some great form and spent most of the 60
minutes in the front five, and ultimately was in a two-man duel with Matt White.
Clearly, Justin was doing
100% of the work and was the stronger racer, but was outsprinted at the line and finished a very
third. Pookums was not that far behind and when his race ended he was eighth. UCI points all around atmo!

And Will? Will's race was the U23 category which runs concurrently with the older Elites, and Will scored the
top podium
once again/ Forza Will-issimo. Just Du it. Will's win Saturday puts him back in the Leader's Jersey
in the Verge Series in
his category. Awesome atmo.

It was a great day race-wise and all the way around. The weather held. The Chocksett Middle School serves
as a wonderful
venue for cyclocross. And my new best friend, Patty the baker (of Sucker Brook fame) was
there with her food concession
and her now-famous Big Ass Cupcakes©™®. Have a look. This, my friends,
is what Autumn in New England is all about.

Sadly, I didn't bring my camera, so what follows is a small laundry list of links to pics that appear on the
race report page. Have a look at us through the lens of pal Dave McElwaine:
Spencer a.k.a. The Love Dispencer
and some others straight from Dave's site:
Matt Damon

There's also a great race report on velonews dotcom that has wonderful pic links. Please have a look here
to read about how the day's racing played out. The pics on that site are from pal Mark Suprenant. Nice work

That's all I can do for now. When I paste all this in the team blog, this text may have more pics and news.
We'll see! As far as
the racing goes, it's one more complete weekend in New England before we board the
RS 'Cross Team jet and head to Missouri
for the Natz. This coming Saturday and Sunday we'll be in Warwick,
Rhode Island for the
NBX G.P. of Cross. More UCI points and Verge series points are there for us to pick.
And we will be getting them.

Thanks for reading.

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

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