25, November 2008

Greetings -

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team spent last weekend in the Hamptons bro', oops I mean dahlings,
at the
Whitmore's Landscaping SuperCross Cup. This is an event we've been to for the past 5 years,
at least. Myles
Romanow and his staff really know how to throw down a race weekend atmo. Will, Justin,
Matt, Amy, and myself
were treated to excellent host housing courtesy of Rick and Julie (thanks, Rick and
Julie), had our ferry tickets
and a few other bits comped (thanks, ferry god person), and had a mahvelous
meal at Wild Thyme restaurant on
Saturday evening. I'm not sure if our team had the power table, but we
did have a few seats that faced the door.
What more could we ask for to make the weekend perfect? Well,
here's my list. For starters, warmer weather
would have been nice. Yeah, it's 'cross and all that shet, but
it's only okay when you are racing. Standing around
the other 4-5 hours is an event unto itself. No one ever
wants to talk about how hard it is to endure the spectating
stuff, but let me tell you it's not a picnic. I love my
team and 'cross, and am 101% committed, but we were surely
spoiled after the 2007 race in which Myles
arranged for some 80 odd degree temps for both days. It's the ^&%$ing
Hamptons and I didn't have my
Bijan fur coat, and I was one cold mofo for a few hours each afternoon. The other
gripe? How about 9 -
that's NINE - french fries over two identical prix fixe steak dinners that Spinmo and I ordered.
I counted 5
on his plate and 4 on mine. And these weren't big, handcut gourmet-ish french fries. They were normal

sized cuts that one would see at any restaurant in any town. Rant over - not. I also went out to breakfast
on Sunday.
In what could only be described as a normal looking Greek diner on Route 27, the same type
that dots New Jersey
and all urban areas one can name, I had a pancake (3) and bacon meal with coffee
(Kraft packaged syrup product
in lieu of maple syrup) and the bill came to $17 before the tip was added in.
Hey did I mention that the team had a
great weekend of racing at Southampton? Read on.

Both of these races were UCI C1 status which, I believe. is the highest an event can be regarded unless it's
a World
Cup, National Championship, or of similar importance. The lineup of cats and kittens that started
each day was as
quality a field as we'll see anyplace. I'm so proud to say that we raced hard and came
away with great finishes. On
day one, Will elected to do an under card race in his University of Vermont
colors so that he could fulfill an obligation
that enables him to race the Collegiate Nationals in Kansas City
next month. Most likely he was running it at 3/4 speed
and still finished well at 15th. In the 1:30 race, unfortunately
Amy slid into second base on lap one, not fully realizing that this was 'cross and not a baseball diamond.
Yuck atmo. The Issimo
had to abandon with a sore neck and decided to save it for the second half of the
double header.
Pookums and Rotundo both had fine races in the Elite Men's event and were 17th and
11th. In the Old Timer's race for which the prizes included early bird special dinner coupons at the
Barrel, I got a 3rd place.
I'm on fire this season.

On the next day, the team repeated it's aggressive racing ways. Will, in his college race, was set to win
with a lap or
so to go when, regrettably, his chain snapped while climbing. That's tantamount to a trip to the
locker room. Will was
certainly putting his stamp on the field that Sunday, and we'll just have to wait for the
Natz to see him redeem this
misfortune. In the Elite Women's race, Amy had a great start and a great and
complete race and came home in 13th
place. Matt and Justin were 17th and 9th respectively. Data point: I
believe this was Justin Spinelli's BEST 2 days of
racing all season, and maybe in several seasons atmo. I
mentioned to him that, based on the races, his preparation,
call-ups, weather. tech issues, and lady luck,
he could nail a top ten at the Natz with the form he's carrying. Finger's
remain crossed. Lastly, I came in
2nd on Sunday. This result was, I think, my sixth 2nd place this season so look
out all you AARP-ers that
race with. I'm using my french fry angst and will get a win for the team before this season
is over atmo. End
of story.

Before I continue and lose my train of thought, I'll paste in an email that I sent to the team late Sunday night
upon my
return to wifey and wifi. Here:

thanks, all, for a great weekend in long island.

except for the french fry count, it was as good as it gets atmo.
'sad to see the season wind down, but an happy for all new
opportunities. our routines may change but the memories will
always be there. friends forever atmo.

have a happy thanksgiving.

Yes, the season is nearly over. By my count we have 5-6 more races before the sun sets on 2008. If we
didn't have so
much fun, such great results, and so many fine memories, it'd all be such a shame. But the
RS 'Cross Team has had
another fine year, so no one can really have regrets. I believe it was last year
when I realized that, though I wished it all
(what we have) could last forever, often such emotions are the
kiss of death for the things (and people) we hold closest
to our hearts. We're lucky for what we share(d),
and that should be reward enough atmo.

I recently loaded about 40 more really ^&%$ing great pictures onto the Flickr team gallery number two.
These shots are
from pals Anthony Skorochod and Dave Chiu. Most are from the USGP at Trenton 2
weeks ago and also some are from
this past weekend's races at Southampton. Have a look here.

Well that's about it for now. I hope you all have a very nice Thanksgiving. This coming Saturday, racing
resumes for the
RS 'Cross Team as we travel to Sterling, Massachusetts for the Baystate Cyclocross,
a UCI C2 event. For those with a nose
for trivia (though it's hardly trivial atmo...), you may recall that this
race is where I first came to know a Miss Amy Wallace
some 3 years ago. Well, if you want the Cliffs Notes
they're all here. Time passes so quickly, doncha' know.

Thanks for reading.

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

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