14, October 2007

Greetings -

This past weekend, the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team spent two days in the Cape Ann Region
of Massachusetts and raced the Gran Prix of Gloucester. Gloucester hosts a weekend UCI event
that has few equals. I would need a fact check on this, but I believe the race organization is in its
10th year, and nearly every iteration has been on the National or International calendar. Our little
group takes this weekend very seriously, and it normally starts by getting the best parking space(s)
in the lot. Once the first vehicle arrives, the others basically circle the wagon and we form our own
little shtetl right there in Stage Fort Park. We have had years of practice at these things, and most
of the venues we arrive at have what we view as RS Team worthy areas, or trees, or picnic tables
at which to stake our claim(s). But the team area at Gloucester is the same each year, and once
Dave or I get in at the early hour, our team mates know that the compound is ready for the weekend,
and that the tailgating and the exorcisms (body talk) can begin. It's silly, I know, but it's these little
things that allow the bonding and sharing and memory making to occur, and we all leave every venue
and each season hungry for that next race. Like surfers chasing that perfect wave, the RS 'Cross Team
lives for race weekends atmo*.

Because the UCI races that we do are the highest rated events, the competition is always fierce
and the body count in each race is very high. If I recall, Gloucester had over 1,200 registrations
for the weekend. While there was a concurrent UCI weekend in Ohio that tapped some of the
talent, the folks that showed up to race here in New England ensured that the nickname of the
Gloucester Worlds would stick for another year.

The Elite Men's and Women's events each had their share of current and former National Champions.
Because our Jon Hamblen, Matt Kraus, and Amy Wallace all have a decent ranking in the UCI
points standings, they were given the privilege of call-ups which meant that the scrum to the first
race obstacle was a tad easier since they get lined up in thefirst row. Life-at-the-top. Results wise,
we did quite well. On Saturday, Jon and Matt were 22nd and 24th respectively. Across the hall in
the Women's race, Amy got the issimo working and finished 4th, while Alie Kenzer came in 21st.
I'll take these results any day of the week!. On Sunday, Jon and Matt ramped it up a bit and finished
17th and 19th, while Amy was 9th in her race. Unfortunately, Alie may have zigged when she should
have zagged, and ended up on the pavement and ultimately in the emergency room. She sustained
major bruises and abrasions and will be on the injured list for at least 2 weeks. We try to always see
the bright side when life serves us lemons, so I certainly felt better about all this when the negatives
showed up in my inbox. Click here to view. Alie is in good spirits and will travel with us to the Mid
Atlantic Conference UCI races next weekend when we drive to Wilmington, Delaware and then to
Ludwig's Corner, Pennsylvania for another couple of uber high-end events.

For those interested in pictures, I loaded about 40 images from Gloucester onto my Flickr page.
Click here to view. Apologies for some metz-a-metz (is that how it's spelled?) shots that have too
much sun glare. It was one of those weekends. I also found some decent pics online and here
are those links:

note - some of these links are effed and i'll fix them on tues a.m.

I also want to add that I received an email from pal JP in Belgium and I'll paste it here:

Hi Richard,Just a quick note: I finally got some nice press in the USA so if anyone on your big
e listwould be interested, tell them to go get Bike magazine. I just saw a scanned copy of it
tonight. Glad to hear you and the team are still doing well and most importantly having fun!
Talk to you later.

I have to say that I read the 3 page article while at Gloucester and it is worth seeking out a copy
of Bike. Jonathan has pioneer status in the sport despite his young age, and his story is an
inspiration to all who read it.

On a shameless commerce division note, Belgium Knee Warmers called up for an interview
and it's finally live online. The text will cover the three things that are so close to my heart: my
bicycles, my 'cross team, and my continual battles with self-absorption. Here is a link to
part one,
and here is a link to
part two. I suppose part three will be up in several days.

Thanks for reading.
*according to my opinion
Thank you for your interest and support.
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