8, October 2007

Greetings -

Gut check.
This past weekend was our first road trip. The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team spent
two sunny days in The Hampton's rubbing elbows with Diddy, Seinfeld, Lizzie Grubman.
(recently out on parole) and way-too-many luminaries from the world of 'cross. Somehow,
promoter Myles Romanow lured the best of the best to his
Whitmore's Landscaping Super
UCI weekend. Let's see, there was Lynn Bessette, Katie Compton, Barb Howe, and
locals Bruno-Roy, Milkowski, Wellons, all of whom are Nationally ranked. And there was
Trebon, Wicks, Anthony, Powers, Johnson, Baker, Sumgai, White, Reain, and the star
attraction, Ervin Vervecken. All told, I bet there were at least eight National Champions
present as well as a World Champion and a World Silver Medalist. And just to keep priorities
here is a picture of Vervecken and German National Champion Malte Urban
discussing er, some pre-race strategy. Nearly everyone I spoke with considered this weekend
to be as competitive as any race we will do this season.

For us as a team, the weekend went superbly well atmo*. For starters, we had the pleasure
of welcoming North our pal and mate,
Jon Hamblen, he a man of many looks, most of which
change daily depending on which barber is available. Jon had at least three different hairstyles
between the beginning and end of the weekend.
Here is an image shot as we left the venue.
Nice. Another highlight of the 2-day affair was the pancake breakfast Pookums and I had to
miss since we left earlier on Sunday so that I could get to the venue for my 10AM start.
a pic
of chef Alie Kenzer mixing the batter. Sorry - the shots near the stove had too much
red-eye. Seriously, from what I heard, we missed a mighty fine Sunday morning meal, but we
more than made up for it at dinner. We had a table for ten at Wild Thyme, the restaurant
owned by Myles and his wife. The
menu was a bit much, but the entrees were great. And
maybe the best part of the weekend was that the
RS Team car finally had the ashtrays emptied
and made an appearance at a race site. We took the first group pic of the year, too. Click
to view. Please note Hamblen's before coif.

As far as the racing went, on Saturday Jon and
Matt Kraus were 15th and 19th respectively,
and the A-Team,
Amy Wallace and Alie, were 11th and 20th. On Sunday, Matt finished in 24th
place with Amy and Alie coming in strong at 10th and 14th. Atmo it was a very good weekend
of racing for us. The team represented extremely well, and each rider was heavily tested in what
was a deep field of talent. I believe Jon and Amy picked up their first UCI points for this season,
and they will come in handy when the all important call-ups to the start line begin in a few weeks.

Next weekend we have another back-to-back UCI event as we travel to the Cape Ann region
of Massachusetts for the
Gran Prix of Gloucester. I hope to see you there.

For the paparazzi out there, please note that I have uploaded another 40 or so images from
this past weekend. They live

Thanks for reading, and bearing with all the hyperlinks. I'm getting in touch with my female
side lately and my hunch is that she's heavily into IT atmo. (That was levity).
*according to my opinion
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is sponsored by RGM Watches,
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