18, December 2006

Greetings -

With regard to this text from last week's entry:

On a personal note, I regret to post that I will likely miss the trip to the
Natz this coming weekend. My wife, aka
the lovely Deb, had a bike versus
dog encounter this past Sunday. The collision resulted in Deb breaking
2 ribs, a clavicle, and her shoulder. After many x-rays and 2 rounds of cat
scans, it was determined that surgery is needed, and for that we will be
visiting the trauma specialist on Thursday.

Deb will have surgery tomorrow (Monday) and may possibly need a
shoulder replacement. Wish her luck.

I was not present at the Natz at all, and only know that that Justin was
13th in the Elite Men's race and Jon was 20th. There is talk of the possibility
that Justin will be placed on the World's Team. I will post more on this, the
Natz, and everything else asap.

Many thanks for following our little team.


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