20, December 2006


Our Justin Spinelli has been asked by the feds in Colorado Springs
to consider a trip to the 'Cross Worlds as a member of the USA

National Team. We are trying to raise money for him in the event
that this all happens (the race is late January 2007). I am helping
funneling excess inventory his way so that he can use his eBay
account to flog it off and mebbe offset some of his expenses.

Here is a link:

Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team members have raced in the
World Championships many times (and in several categories)
since 1999, and our last foray was in 2004 in the U23 Espoirs
Division. It is a fitting end to our season that Justin has so impressed
the powers that be that he is being considered for inclusion next month.

For those that are unaware, Justin has excelled in 'cross since the late
90s, and his main focus is on pavement where he race professionally
most of the year. He has raced the Worlds twice on the road as a U23,
if my memory is correct. ( I will edit this if I am corrected. Justin?).

Thank you very much.

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