27, June 2009

Greetings -

Like it or not, with July near and all the surrounding BS related to Lance, Alberto, and the TDF,
it can only mean one thing: it's officially the pre-season atmo. The routine updates, picture links,
and news about everything Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team will resume in a few short days.
For the 2009 campaign we have many returning sponsors and supporters as well as several new
ones.The team itself will have some familiar names and faces, though some cats and kittens will
be wearing our kit for the first time beginning in September. It's been a long time away from the
mud, the Fangos, and the cupcakes, but the great news is that the roster for the RS 'Cross Team
is better and stronger than ever. Film at eleven, or at least within the next 2-3 email updates. So do
NOT direct these missives to the spam folder or you'll never know who we are, or what the sponsors
who so graciously support us make, or who will be the familiar names on the 09 podium all season
long, or any other important fact along the way that speaks to racing at the best time of the year.
As we've done for more seasons that can be counted, we'll do our best from now through to the
Natz in December and hopefully passed that to the World Championships in mid-winter, to get
you to know what we know:

'Cross Fukicng Rules Atmo

The viral, subliminal, and gorilla machinery has been dusted off and the messages will start getting
sent out on a regular basis. Thanks so much in advance for your interest in our racing, in the sport
we love, and for following our travails (I love using that word, travails, in a sentence). In the meantime,
if anyone needs a refresher course, a CliffsNotes, or a RS 'Cross Team for Dummies primer, please
visit either of these links atmo:

Take Care

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

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