29, January 2009

Greetings -

To dovetail off of these two threads:
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I'm happy to paste in a note to ALL of you from Will. So many here were
uber generous when we asked for help. The big dance is this weekend,
and Will is ready. Thanks so much for the interest, support, and following
the season. 'Cross fucking rules atmo.

Here, from Will...

Dear friends,

My trip to Hoogerheide, Holland for the 2009 Cyclocross World Championships was made possible by you and I want you to know that without your help I would not have had this opportunity. Some of you I know and some I do not. It is truly remarkable to have this kind of support from people all around the country. This year marks a stride in my development as a rider and a person overall. I recognize the efforts and sacrifices that I have made to get to this level but many helped me along the way, and those people alone deserve much gratitude. If everyone could pass generosity and kindness around as you have, we'd live in a Utopian world where dreams become realities. You're unbelievable. I hope I can do the same for others in the future.

It is now the Thursday evening before the Saturday of Worlds. I visited the course for a short preview today. It's thawing as more racers ride it and a little greasy at the moment. The experience is not overwhelming, which is good for my nerves. The level will be similar to a World Cup, which I had the chance to race in Zolder, Belgium last month. If there is any interest, I believe there is a way to view the race Live at www.cycling.tv (it might cost something).

I once again thank you all very much for your support for the Richard Sachs Worlds Fund and hope everyone has an excellent new year, stays warm and healthy, and rides happily! I hope to write a new entry on Velocipede Salon soon, so please stay tuned.



A very personal and heartfelt thanks from me, as well as from all of us on the
Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. It's been a long and wonderful season.
We wish Will Dugan the best as he finishes his season this weekend at the
U23 Cyclocross World Championships in The Netherlands.

Richard Sachs

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