3, July 2008

Greetings -

No more excuses. I really had none though. By this time last year, the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team
missives were already being spewed out on a regular basis. It's been a long Spring for me personally, what
with a heavy backlog of orders and also getting semi-interested once again in summer racing. It all takes time.
But as of this past weekend's race in Providence, R.I., I believe it's officially 'cross season, or pre-season, at
the very least. I am done procrastinating and will be banging on the Dell Inspiron 9400 as much as possible
in an effort to let you all know what we are, who we are, and make some serious plans to leave a mark on the
upcoming 2008 cyclocross season atmo*. For the moment, here is what I want you to know. We have a tight
knit group of pals-cum-racers who will spend all of their energy in a 4-5 month period with these goals in mind:

1) represent the sponsors and suppliers superbly well
2) have fun and make memories
3) leave each race venue completely

In 2008 we have a returning cast of cats and kittens, namely Justin Spinelli, Amy Wallace, Matt Kraus
(with one S), Jon Hamblen, Alie Kenzer, Dave Genest, and myself. New to us on the roster, but known
to us in our hearts, is young Will Dugan. Will is a pal whom we have raced alongside for several years,
yet only now are we able to make a spot in the dugout. Forza Will and all. It's going to be a wonderful
season. As the weeks pass, I'll make sure I link texts, stories, and images of all the team so that all
of you know them as well as I do. On the support side of things, I am pleased to welcome back RGM
Watches, Rex Chiu, Radix, Ozell, Stankus, Associates,
and Nelly's Deli as our sponsors. I am also
happy to add that Boathouse, Inc. from Waltham, Massachusetts joins this long list as one more of our
title sponsors. News on all of this to come. We also have returning industry support from VergeSport,
Challenge, Joe Bell, Oval Concepts, Selle San Marco, Cane Creek, Crank Brothers, and Rudy
. New to this industry line up will be SRAM as well as Svelte Cycles and Wippermann. As time
allows, I'll pen notes and shite about all of the wonderful companies and what their generousity means
in keeping our team well oiled and excuses-free! Well I kinda' sorta' have to be the Greek god Dudycious
now (do dishes...) and will cut it off here. Feet don't fail me now. I am 101% committed to getting in your
collective faces on a regular basis once again so that you all know what we know best:

'Cross Fukicng Rules Atmo.

Take care, and have a great Fourth of July weekend.

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

* according to my opinion

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  1. '27 Yankees ain't got nothin' on that lineup.