11, July 2008

Greetings -
I am writing to you from what will be ground zero for the next week. We are holed up in a small
village near Murray's Harbor, PEI, Canada called Guernsey Cove. It's about 45 minutes east of
Charlottetown. If none of this resonates with what you remember from geography class, jfgi* okay!
We have rented a small house on 4.5 acres right on the water. There's enough property here so
that I can do all the 'cross bicycle riding I want to without leaving the driveway. But if I want adventure,
the island has 100s of miles (that's alotta KMs atmo**) of what is called
The Heritage Trail. We
checked it out, and it's all old, no-longer-used rails from trains which have not run in decades. All
of the paths are basically small chip gravel, or grass, or sand - and it's made for bicycle riding. I
plan to use all of these resources, and also do at least 100 sit-ups a day, and lose at least 8 pounds,
oh, and still enjoy the vacation with my wife, a.k.a. The Lovely Deb, while I'm at it!

Since this is a semi-no-working week, this Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team email will be
more of a list of things I want to post. I'll start with some rider news. Pal Justin Spinelli spends
the off- season (that's road for some of you) racing professionally for the KBS-Medifast team.
This past week, Spinmo had a result to beat the band when he nailed a second place in the
Fitchburg- Longsjo Stage Race over the July 4th weekend. This event has NRC status. A podium
at Fitchburg is worth broadcasting no matter, but what's stellar about it even more is that Justin
was there alone. He rode the 4 stages without team mates, all of whom were on the west coast
readying for a separate event. Atmo Justin should get a contract renewal as well as a raise for
such a feat. I'm biased, but so what! For those with a few minutes to kill, here is a link to the front
page of coverage, and here is a nice pic of Spinmo doing his off-season thing. Forza Spinelli!!

Another news item I am proud to spam out, though I am not sure if this will be click-throughable,
is a killer story about SRAM, one our new suppliers starting in 2008. Later in the summer I will
type more about SRAM, how I personally "...made the leap", and also recruit someone from
the firm to pen a few words about their (SRAM's) decision to comeon board with us for the
cyclocross season. Meanwhile, try to click here and pull up the June 2008 issue. Starting on
page 30, there is an excellent story about the Chicago company's start up in the late 1980's iirc
and how now it's a major player in the OEM world as well as on the world stage of pro cycling. Aw
heck, I did have a direct link to thestory and the page, but it's not working for me now. That's why
I'm re-routing you with another URL. I betchoo it's the ISP up here in the Maritimes. Something with
the Internet connection at the cottage is kerflewy. If this soap operafails, I'll re-post it all in a week
or two.

Lastly (for now), many of the followers of the RS 'Cross Team know that I periodically ask the
sponsors, suppliers, and anyone else who may have a related thought, to send over a few words
about their liaison with us and what it all means.I n the closing weeks of the 2007 season, I miscued
on a few docs I received and never sent them out, and I apologize for this. To make an amend here,
I'll let you know what Donn Kellogg from our longtime tire sponsor, Challenge, had to say.
Read from here:

The World Championships are complete, the last Super Prestige race of the 2007/08 season
is into the books and the various International Cyclocross teams are cleaning, inventorying and
packing away the bikes and tools for next season. Time for a bit of reflection while also starting
the planning for the next season. With this reflection and looking forward, there is one team,
Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team, that Challenge tires immediately says "2008/09 - we are on
board – 110%, no questions!" With all the cyclocross teams that Challenge is involved with in
the world there is one team that clearly shines in terms of persona, team spirit, infectious
camaraderie, results and a good supply of Twizzlers – the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team!

As equipment sponsor to be able to adorn such a finely crafted bicycle frame is truly an honor.
It is said that the bicycle frame is the soul of the bike and in the case of a Richard Sachs frame
the builder personifies this "soul". The soul and spirit of the team is evident while reading the
entertaining cross blogs and updates of the team or maybe personally witnessing Richard take
on the super, glazed over, ice rink that was this year's US National Cross Championship course.
But, I think witnessing first hand the spirit of the team as I did from the mud hole/pit area at the
Portland USGP event with Matt and Amy riding by in the howling wind and driving rain. It was
there I could clearly see the spirit of the entire team reflecting in their eyes. Forget the wins,
which the team has many, for us at Challenge, we sign on for that experience and feeling.

On a personal full circle note: 1975 - Toga Bikes, 14th Street and Avenue B. In 1975, Toga Bike
was located inthe East Village of NYC and in that period, the mid 70's – Ramones, New York
CBGB, Studio 54 - NYC was a crazy place. The shop was located between a methadone
treatment center on one side and a division of the New York Police Academy on the other. It was
here working alongside of Lenny and Artie and in the convergence of drug addicts and police
recruits that I was first introduced to Richard's incredible art. Now, after 33 years in the industry,
owning a
quiver of custom frames that are a reflection my first exposure of Richard Sachs
frames, I have finally met Richard. I see again that the bicycle industry is comprised of so many
quality people who understand the simple joys of a bicycle ride, who have a deep love of the
sport and who have built an energy around their brand that transcends the brand.

Hey, Richard…sign us up for 2008/09 and beyond! We're in!

Thanks, Donn, for these wonderful thoughts. And thanks to Alex and Challenge in Italy for the
best tires in the world.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading!


Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

* just fukicng google it
** according to my opinion

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