25, January 2008

Greetings -

Yuck. This might be my last missive for a while atmo*. Well yeah I might send off an email or
three or four in the next couple of months regarding the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team, but
this here one might be the final curtain call of the travails from the 2007 season. Right - I just
wanted to use travails in a sentence one last time. It's been well over a month since our last race
in Kansas City where, as a team-slash-family-slash-troupe, the RS 'Cross Team had its last road
trip of the season. I told you all about on mebbe the last weekend of December so I'm not going to
go all teary-eyed again now. All of these emails eventually live on the team blog, that is, once I find
and correct all the typeauxs. For the record, if you missed anything,or if you just want to re-live the
drama, here is the entire link-ee-poo: http://rscyclocross.blogspot.com/ (Note: you are there).

Since KC and that wonderful natz weekend, I have pasted in many thoughts sent to me, for you,
from the very folks who make this place a place. If you didn't save the emails and would like to read
it all again on the blog, you'll see (read?) comments by Justin, Jon, Pookums, Issimo, Alie, Dave,
and Moocher from the team side. And you can hear what folks from RGM Watches, Oval Concepts,
Crank Brothers, have to say, along with somenice comments from Rex Chiu and Sam Chun. It's
all here: http://rscyclocross.blogspot.com/ (Note: you are still there). Before I paste in tonight's last
entry (bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa), I am making these public notices:

1) The A-Team is on the loose on the west coast for a few months and will be documenting
all the training rides and broken hearts at this newblog:
Bookmark it, and spam the link around so we can get that page counter vaporizing by next Monday.
2) I will be spending a week in Portland, Oregon beginning February 6th.The occasion is the
4th Annual North American Handmade Bicycle Show.I hope to see all of my pals, clients, fellow
'crossers, peer bloggers, and remaining alumni from The Peddie School class of 1971. I will be
packing my school blazer. Here's that show link:
3) I guess I only had two announcements. Dang.

As I have mentioned all along, this organization would not exist without its support system, friends,
and especially the many sponsors who keep us in parts, accessories, and apparel. The two companies
that have been with us the longest are Vergesport and Cane Creek. As you know, I have asked the
sponsors to write a few words about what the liaison with our little group means to them.

From Tom Buttner of Vergesport -
While your bikes from Nationals sit in the bike room of our office, I find myself ogling them,
drooling over the paint. Running my fingers over the engraved RS logo. A sane person might
think it a bit excessive to fancy a bike so much. Alas, it’s not just a bike. It’s a two wheeled
instrument of the gods. It symbolizes everything that is great about cycling, and individuality.
There are very few teams in New England, nay, the World, that are as cohesive as the Richard
Sachs/RGM Watches Cyclocross Team. They are the nucleus of the regional cross scene.
They’re the“cool kids”. They’re the riders that people look forward to warming up with, the people
that you know are riding home together, eating every meal together, and emailing funny photos
of themselves racing to one another. They’re all the things that we all imagine for ourselves,
come cross season. Being a part of that, no matter how indirectly, is a joy, and a pleasure.
Seeing the professionalism in Richard’s team, lets me know that he knows how to pick riders that
represent his brand appropriately. We feel that sponsoring the Richard Sachs team represents
OUR brand appropriately. Why is it such a good fit? If you were a bike racer, how much would it
mean to you to have the man who actually welded your frame, to your specifications, working in
the pit for you, waiting to hand you a clean bike. Is there a better way to support your own
brand/identity? Surely there is not. It’s the “put your money where your mouth is” mentality that
strikes a chord with me, and that is why you will find us, the Verge Test Pilots, out at the races,
talking to racers, getting the feedback, showing your our products, and supporting bike races. It's
what we do. It's who we are. As we now buckle down for spring racing, we will be quietly dreaming
of our few short months between Labor Day and Christmas, counting down the days, and fondly
remembering the searing pain, the shortness ofbreath, and the unadulterated beauty of our sport.

Tom Buttner
Verge Sport Custom Cyclewear

From Josh Reddoch of Cane Creek -
First I would like to say "Thank You" for all you do for cycling and also for the opportunity to
be a part of your program. Many times in cycling success is measured by podium spots.
There's an old adage "You are only as good as your last result". If you really think about it,
the definition of success is much simpler than that. Cycling is about passion, striving to do
your best, and achieving your goals whatever they may be. At Cane Creek this passion for
cycling is what drives us to pursue innovative designs and provide products we truly believe
in. This is the same reason we are proud to be a part of the Richard Sachs family. Your
dedication to building the best frames and and having a team to test those designs as well
as get more and more people into cycling is tremendous. It has been a pleasure to help the
team achieve their goals for the past 6 years and we are looking forward to many more. It's not
just about the podium but doing what you love.Keep up the great work!

Josh Reddoch
Marketing Director

Thanks to Mike, Kurt, Tom, Don, Mariola, Ron, Mr. Mazur, Lorraine, and all of the folks at
Vergesport who keep us warm and so nattily attired all fall, and to Peter, Josh, and the crew
at Cane Creek for looking after our wheel, brake, and headset needs going back these past
six years.

To everyone I send these emails to, that's it for now. The RS 'Cross Team made some good
memories this past autumn, and I hope you've enjoyed reading about them. I'll leave all of you
with this wacky link to a song which mebbe best describes how I have felt since that last race
weekend in Kansas City. Sing along:

Take care, and thanks for reading.
*according to my opinion
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is sponsored by RGM Watches, Rex Chiu,
Radix Group LLC, Ozell, Stankus Architects Associates, as well as by Cane Creek,
Crank Brothers, Rudy Project, Oval Concepts, Challenge, VergeSport, Wippermann,
Selle San Marco, JB Custom Paint, Nelly's Deli, and The Wheatmarket
NATZ PICS (2006)
TEAM PICS (2006)
TEAM PICS (2005)

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