18, January 2008

Greetings -

Okay - I gave you roughly three days off from my emails and musings about the Richard Sachs
Cyclocross Team
and that ends now atmo*. One could wonder why I carry on so when the Natz
were almost a month ago and many 'crossers have long since put away their bicycles, started
selling old clothes on ebay, gained at least 5-10 pounds, and are now just thinking about the road
season which begins in early March. I carry on because although the racing stops, the season
never ends
. (You try coming out with clever segues week in and week out, huh). While all of my
teammates are back doing their off season stuff, be it school, overtime at work, or training in
warmer climates for road schedule, we still keep in touch, and I sense a letting go from all sides
so that the 2007 season closure can finally be complete. We each know that Summer will soon
arrive and we'll be shmoozing full time again as we ready for the 2008 'cross gig. I know I can't
wait atmo!

Today I am going to add texts forwarded to be by two of the RS 'Cross Team's financial sponsors.
Unlike our long list of industry suppliers, the sponsors who give us money do so for a myriad of
reasons, most of which would be marketing-related. The two names I am representing this evening
are cut from a different bolt of cloth atmo. Neither Rex Chiu and Sam Chun of Radix are with us to
market a product or sell a service. Their involvement is more along the lines of a magnanimous
nature. That is, they know us, are impressed with the team's ways, and choose to help us simply
because they can. For the record, they are two separate and unrelated-in-any-way individuals who
found our team's story compelling enough to want to be part of it. This coming season marks the
third for both men.

From Rex Chiu -
“The three Chinese characters on the Richard Sachs black, white, and red team kit is my father's
name. These three characters embody not only the generous support my father has given to his
family and the success that we have achieved in life, but these characters have also come to
symbolize what Richard Sachs has done for the racers, the team, and the sport of cyclocross.

Over the past two years of my involvement with the team, I have seen Richard Sachs demonstrates
his love for the team, his passion for the sport, and his true concern for cycling. He measures
success not only by the amazing number of victories, but also by the great experience and the
development of all those involved in the process.

Similarly, Richard Sachs dedicates to his life work with passion. His vision for his work and his
attention to his clients are legendary. As Richard has pointed out in many of his discussions
and blogs, he is inspired to improve on his work each and every day. My father taught me the
same philosophy as I was growing up, and I believe strongly in this, especially in my work as
physician in the field of medicine. After all, this is why they call it “Practice of Medicine.” Richard
Sachs has strived for excellence and continual improvement each and every day for the past
35 years of frame building; I aspire to be a Richard Sachs in my own career.

It has been a great privilege to be a part of this Richard Sachs family. Iam glad to see the success
of the Richard Sachs Race Team, and I look forward to continue my support for the team.”

(Ed. note - read more about Rex Chiu at this link).

From Sam Chun -
Why do I sponsor the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team? I've never raced cross but I have good
friends who do. These gals and guys display some incredible characteristics worthy of note, not
least of which is their taste for punishment on various courses through all kinds of foul conditions.
So some of it has to do with admiration.

I've enjoyed bikes for as long as my memory goes back. In fact, I'm waiting for a bike from Richard...
one of these years (and no, there is no preferential "bump-up" for sponsors-in-waiting -- which is
as it should be). I get a kick out of supporting a sport I've enjoyed pretty much al lof my life. So
some of this has to do with being associated with an activity I love.

And there's also the superficial reason of wanting to be in cross races without having to do the
actual work of racing. It's fun seeing the company logo on mud-splattered apparel.

But, judging by how hard it's been for me to pen this note (Richard's idea,not mine), I think the
honest and most basic answer is that I like very much what Richard has put together, and loved
the idea of being a part of it. The team simply kicks ass, atmo.

Oh, and we're both Jersey boys, btw. Geographical loyalty runs deep.

Cool, huh?!! Our team has been in place since the 1970s and I kinda sorta became its steward
by the time Reagan started his first term. What we have in place now (team-wise) is the direct
descendant of a '90s iteration nurtured by pal Dave Genest. For a good long time, he ran it all.
Then by Y2K Ibegan to help him more. About five years ago I began to take a more active role in
shaping the team and its destiny. Through it all we have had many excellent racers, made many
great friendships, have amassed more fine memories that anyone should be allowed to have,
and - most importantly, we've been able to have all of this and endure because the RS 'Cross
has had a long history of well-intentioned sponsors, suppliers, and friends like Rex Chiu
and Sam Chun to help us along the way.

In my next missive I'll forward more thoughts sent to me from some of theother sponsors whose
involvement with us keeps rolling along and looking so good atmo.

Thanks for reading.
*according to my opinion
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is sponsored by RGM Watches, Rex Chiu,
Radix Group LLC, Ozell, Stankus Architects Associates, as well as by Cane Creek,
Crank Brothers, Rudy Project, Oval Concepts, Challenge, VergeSport, Wippermann,
Selle San Marco, JB Custom Paint, Nelly's Deli, and The Wheatmarket
NATZ PICS (2006)
TEAM PICS (2006)
TEAM PICS (2005)

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