30, October 2007

Greetings -

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team was everywhere and nowhere at the same time this
past weekend atmo*. At the eleventh hour
Amy-issimo and Matt a.k.a. Pookums got flights
to Louisville for the first of three weekends of the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross, sponsored - of
course - by one of our team suppliers,
Crank Brothers. Up here in New England, it was a weekend
off for
The Brian and Justin, and that left representing to Alie and myself. And separately, Jon
stayed home in the Tobacco State and found a local race. I'm personally challenged
with a full plate and realize this report is already late, so I will paste in text from the riders and let
that suffice as this weekend's race report(s).

Here was what Matt wrote about Saturday in Louisville -
Well I had a killer race, starting from 65th, which is the 8th row for those that need counting
help. So from the 8th row, no major heavens opened up for me today, but I took some big ol
risks in the first few laps. I managed to pick my way up to dudes who had numbers around the
20s, and that is a GREAT race. I don't know my finishing spot, but I know that I was riding the
speed it takes to get 15th or so. Totally satisfying day. Don't know my finishing spot yet 2866.

And here are Amy's words:
I think the issimo took a Saturday flight into KY, so I think it will be here for the race tomorrow.
My start wasn't as aggressive as pookums's, even though I was on the third row in the center
of the road. As i joked later when I saw them awarding the Most Aggressive Rider prize on the
podium, I figure I probably earned the least aggressive rider award today. This is all sounding
negative but I felt okay about the race today - the course was great fun and nice and slick,
although not the best spectator course, so my wandering focus and attention definitely strayed
away from the bike race on the lonely back stretches 2866. So I finished 26th, meh, I'd like to
aim for a top-20 finish tomorrow. Oli and I manned the pits during the men's race and had a great
time. We both met schmoozed Donn from
Challenge tires, who is a nice guy 2866, and there is
a photo op tomorrow at 12:30 with all of the teams Challenge sponsors.

This report came from Alie -
I raced in Bennington at the "Spooky 'Cross" race. I was so nervous before I got there - I
was really afraid of crashing again, to be honest. But fortunately I had Al in the car and Matt
via text (all the way from KY!), giving me the schpeel on positive thinking during a race, and
how to focus on mental as well as physical aspects of my race. I also had the lovely support of
Steve, Darcy and Al's girlfriend Lindsay there, so I got out of my funk and realized it was time
to race my bike. Friendly faces abound, I pedaled over to the start and lined up with 8 woman
(?), and 7 other men (juniors and single speeders). The gun went off and we immediately started
our ascent up one of the steeper paved sections. The course was pretty fitness based, not too
technical. Lots of fun turns on grass and only one rooty section. There was a sand pit and a bit
of mud here and there from yesterday's rain. In all, a fast, fun and LONG lap. I felt pretty nervous
for the first few laps, although I did lead the women after one lap for a while. I struggled on one of
the remount sections every lap, it was very tricky for me (gotta practice the downhill remount!) and
that fumble cost me sometime. But, in the end, I found the negative thoughts disappearing rapidly
and excitedly passed two guys on the last lap! I wound up getting 4th, pretty close behind the first
three ladies. I am happy to be back out there racing and can't wait to join the rest of the team next
weekend at the Verge Series races!
Editor's note:
this was Alie just two weeks ago).

And this is from Jon -
Round two of the nccyclocross.com series held in Salisbury, NC. RGM Watches - RICHARD SACHS
team member Jon Hamblen showed up fresh off a victory the previous night at the Mock Orange
Halloween race, held in his home town of Winston Salem. Jon went hard from the whistle and never
looked back, except for one time, maybe two,mostly, he didn't look back. After two laps he had
established a sizable gap which he held to the finish. After, Jon found a Belgian beer, compliments
of race promoters Kerry and Randy Shields. Yay.

(Editor's note: Yay indeed. Another win in the bank atmo...)

And this is the only news I have from Matt wrt Sunday's event -
Its midnight and just finished packing bikes and its time to sleep and rise for Ames and mine
5:15 ride to aeropuerto. But today I started 86th, last friggin row, I even asked Proctor if he
could move me closer to the dudes I race with. Anyway, just to give a 411 on how last row is,
when the officials say go, count to 5 Mississippi and then clip in. Fought to somewhere in the
mid 30s. This coming weekend in NJ is Kraus points time atmo. No more of this.

(Note: And that's a fact Jack)

So there ya' have it. You all are getting off easy because I took no pictures and have mined
no images off the internet. Mad painful if you ask me. But - oh, I did find one tres cool thing
over at Stu (the Guru) Thorne's site. Check
this out and remember that you'll never see this
rig standing this still until the Natz are done. Who's the bad, bad superstar atmo??

And how did I spend my weekend? Well I knew all along that prior commitments would keep
me away from the Kentucky road trip, and that commitment included spending some time with
a pal-slash-client who was hosting a weekend for members of the
Champions Club of the
USA Cycling Development Foundation. I knew some things about how this group came
to be and what it does. There are times when the picture painted in the press is slanted, and it
makes it seems like a chapter from the history of Yale's Order of Skull and Bones
. I have tried
to stay detached from all the stories, mainly because I know parties involved and several are my
friends and some own bicycles that I have made. So in the two short days I spent with these
people, I became convinced that they all have their hearts, as well as their collective wallets, in
the right place. These cats are truly interested in development, and as most are success stories
from the business world, it's clear that part of the mission statement is to keep affairs at the
Springs fiscally strong and sound. The group has a very long term commitment to the sport,
and I am confident that their involvement will continue to pay dividends as more and more
youngsters from the States make their way to Europe to make cycling their profession. I'll add
that one such young man was present for the weekend, and I was very impressed with his
palmares, his confidence, and his engaging personality. His name is John Devine, and he
spent part of this year racing for Discovery, and will follow his team mate, George Hincapie,
over to T-Mobile for the 2008 season. Because I came away liking all these cats so much and
got a great feeling from John, I'll paste these links so that you can remember his name when it
appears routinely in the race results we'll see next season. Here:

I am impressed and think I'll make a donation this week.

Thanks for reading.
*according to my opinion
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is sponsored by RGM Watches,
Rex Chiu, Radix Group LLC, Ozell, Stankus Architects Associates, as
well as by Cane Creek, Crank Brothers, Rudy Project, Oval Concepts,
Challenge, VergeSport, Selle San Marco, JB Custom Paint, Nelly's Deli,
and The Wheatmarket
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