17, September 2007

Greetings -

This was a slow news week atmo* so my routine update regarding the Richard Sachs
Cyclocross Team
will be on the light side. With Justin, Brian, and Jon fulfilling there last
obligations to their road teams (road is that thing where the skinny guys with tan lines stare
each other down in the parking lot and pretend they're straight outa' Compton), and Matt
paying a condolence call to a college pal, the racing this weekend was left to the A-Team,
Amy and Alie.

We all met at the venue in Auburn, New Hampshire for the Sucker Brook 'Cross. Despite being
an early season event, this is one of the team's favorites. Few promoters do as fine a job with
the course, the promotion, the spectator appeal, and the ambiance as does the core group that
puts on this race. Props to Jack, Justin, and all the crew. Additionally, we had the good fortune
to be part of this promotion in a very tangential way: our Amy-issimo won the Elite Women's
event in 2006 and her image was used in the race poster, skillfully rendered by illustrara-ninja
dot com
. Too effin' cool.

As far as the racing went, I couldn't be happier. I was camped out in the pits when the gun
fired and became ecstatic when I realized that Amy and Alie both got the hole-shot to the
first corner and held position in the lead group until midway through lap two. With Amy pushing
the pace that would break the will of all but a few peers, the elastic finally snapped about 20
minutes in, and it was clear that the front group would determine the winner. Amy was in the
lead with a 10-20 second gap for most of the rest of the race, but a slipping seatpost necessitated
two different bicycle changes with a lap and a half to go. As fate would have it, the several pit stops
allowed the two chasers to make contact, and for the last half lap it looked like we'd need a
miracle to make up the lost time. Amy finished third and looked like her old self all the while.
Alie ended up in the top ten, and that's a great result seeing as she'd been taken out by a car
on 4-5 weeks ago. This was her first race back, and she's carrying great fitness despite time
off the bike

Regarding images, there's a great one of Amy while still in the lead, and it's courtesy of pal
Steve Frothingham from his excellent site, CrossNut. And there are others of the two A's on
Paul Weiss' site. Click here to view.

Lastly, kudos to RS Team alumnus Jonathan Page. After a remarkable second place in the 2007
'Cross Worlds Jon started his season yesterday at the Steenbergcrossin in Erpe-Mere, Belgium.
JP has a great new team and full support. And if my eyes aren't deceiving me, he has the secret
weapon-cum-advantage in that his Ridleys are equipped with the best stems and 'bars known to
man. Oval Concepts rocks our world. Check it out. Go Jonathan - have a successful 07/08

This coming weekend we have races in Falmouth and Bedford Massachsestts. Wish us luck!!
Thanks for reading.

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