4, October 2006

Greetings -

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team spent this past weekend in the east
end of Long Island for the Whitmore's Landscaping Super Cross Cup, a
two-day event consisting of back to back UCI races. This would be the first
time this season that all supported racers on the team would be together at
the same venue, and it also marked the return to competition of 4-time National
Alicia Hamblen, as well as longtime RS 'Cross Team member
Justin Spinelli and new team member Jon Hamblen.
Typically, the UCI events are the toughest of the season because they bring
out the competition from all corners of North America. Each race is a veritable
National Championship and could be a mirror of what will and could happen
when the real race occurs this coming December.
For our part, it was a very positive weekend, and I was more than pleased
with how the team cooperated on the road as a unit, with each rider ready and
available to help any or all the others if needed. Cyclocross racing is never
something that is done alone, and I feel that our group is the most cohesive,
well-oiled team on the entire circuit.

As far as the racing went, Jon Hamblen's Saturday effort was tops. Jon raced to
a 9th place finish in what was his return to competition after a long road season
as a pro with Team Nerac. Not far behind Jon, pal Justin snagged a 20th place
in what was also his first 'cross event since spending the "pre-season" road
racing all over the country. Team mates
Brian Hayes and Noah Taylor
rounded out the results, coming in 28th and 29th respectively.
On the women's side,
Amy Wallace, she - the winner of the past 4 races, the
most recent victory being the UCI C2 event in Williston, Vermont last Sunday,
rode to 9th place, while Alicia finished two places behind at 11th.

On Sunday, fate dealt us a blow when Jon needed to pull out of the race with
an upset stomach. This left the burden of a high finish on his three team mates,
and Justin answered the call with a very strong 18th place while Brian did very
well at 26th spot. Noah, while having finished before Brian, was given a DNF
by an official who ought to wear glasses (or sumtin'...), and all arguments to
get the result rectified fell on deaf ears.
Across the gender line, Alicia had a great race and finished 12th, three places
in front of Amy (15th place).

At this point, I want to give props and a shout out to Amy Wallace. During
Saturday's warm ups, Amy endo-ed while choosing lines for one of that day's
downhill sections, and consequently fell and injured a shoulder that was
separated this past summer at the Tour of Somerville. The ensuing pain and
second-guessing would follow Amy and all of us on her every lap all weekend
long. The net result of said mishap is that she rode cautiously and with regard
for the course. This was the best line of defense for her, but caution in a 'cross
race comes at a cost, normally seconds at every corner and hurdle, and Amy's
results this past weekend are exceptional in light of the fact that many lesser
athletes would not have made it to the start line. The prognosis is that Amy
will need a week or so to rest the shoulder and keep it from harm's way.
Regardless, we expect that she will be in the line up for next week.

Speaking of next week, we all converge in Gloucester, Massachusetts for
the first event in the U.S. Gran Prix of Cyclocross, aka the
Gran Prix of
. This weekend features back-to-back days of UCI C1 events
and also is probably the most important two days of racing that we'll
have before the National Championships. The racing at Gloucester is
cyclocross at its best. It is a remarkable venue filled with the biggest
crowds we'll see all year, and the weather there is always fickle. In 2005,
there was a major snow storm on Saturday followed with a sunny high
in the 60s day on Sunday. Few events in the States rival Gloucester with
respect to its importance on the 'cross calendar, and we look forward to
this weekend all year long.

On other, separate, notes, I have compiled a results page on the Team
and it'll be an adjunct to these emails that are sent out weekly.
I also have begun mining images of the 2006 season and will keep them
in a dedicated gallery on my Yahoo Pics site. Click
here to view that
specific link.

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Thank you for your interest and support.
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