12, October 2006

Greetings -

A few things to add to the news, and I'll use this mid-week
email as the vehicle. Firstly, we received some bad news two
days ago in the form of pal Jonathan Page being in need of
an operation as well as time away from competition in order
to heal a torn rotator cuff sustained during a training run prior
to last weekend's World Cup event in Belgium.
You can read about
it here
. Jon is a RS' Cross Team alumnus and went to Europe four
years ago to give 'cross the full on treatment. To this day he remains
the most accomplished 'cross racer this country has produced and
we all wish him a speedy recovery. If you're reading this, I urge you
to send a virtual Hallmark to JP at

Closer to home, and to my delight, Amy Wallace, she being the lone
member on the team's injured reserve list, spent day two at Gloucester
this past weekend getting in touch with her inner Scorcese, and here
is what we now have to entertain ourselves with:
I can't wait to see Joan Rivers interview Amy at The Academy Awards!

I also want to make amends for the identity faux pas I committed
yesterday when I sent out the email that contained this text:
>>This weekend also marked the first time I could trade my mail
>>program for a 3D view and finally meet in person Mr. Alex Braun,
>>he, the man behind the
Challenge Tire company in Italy. Through
>>Alex, we are in our 3rd season of racing on Challenge,and we are
>>delighted with the product, and we are grateful to Alex's commitment
>>to our team.
My bad. I should know better by now. It's Alex Brauns with an s.

And lastly, a word of recognition and thanks. The
RS 'Cross Team
has many sponsors, supporters, and friends. Some of these folks remain
behind the scenes, yet I want to out a pal that has given of himself to
our team for the past four seasons.
John Squires happens to be a client
that took receipt of his bicycle about 5-6 seasons ago. We know each other
from Masters racing on the road as well as from both having had a fleeting
interest in the vintage and classic bicycle hobby. Every year as we get ready
for the next season, John is always the first person to write to me and express
interest in keeping his relationship with the team, and does so by making a
sizable contribution to the team's operating account. He has no business to
promote and there is no JS logo on theoutfits. We are very lucky to have a
friend like John because he is truly interested in seeing the team remain alive,
well, and at all the best 'cross events. With his involvement, all of this is that
much easier. John, we give you our thanks, and you are there with us each
and every weekend.

Thanks for reading!
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is sponsored by RGM Watches,
Rex Chiu, Radix Group LLC, as well as by Cane Creek, Crank Brothers,
Rudy Project, Oval Concepts, Challenge Tires, VergeSport, Selle San Marco,
JB Custom Paint, Pacenti Cycle Design, The Wheatmarket, and Nelly's Deli.

TEAM PICS (2005):


  1. I tried to view the "Awesome Cross Porn" link, but my firewall blocked access. Could you send me a sample of the cross bike instead? I'll hose it off before I return it.


    ps I think that "touching an inner scorcese" is against UCI rules? Don't they test for that?

    pps Nice anecdote about John Squires and a good example of "paying it forward."

  2. here ya go atmo -


  3. Someone's been planing like a mofo.