24, November 2009

Greetings -

This past weekend the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team took the Cross Sound ferry to Southampton, New York
for a pair of UCI C2 events that also were part of the North American Cyclocross Trophy series. It was one of the
last road trips for the group before we depart for the National Championships in Oregon in two weeks time. For
us as a group, the racing went exceptionally well. While Dan and Will were taking time off to regroup for the Natz,
Josh, Pookums, and I were there representing. In the Elite Men's races, Josh finished 11th and 13th for the two
days, Pookums was 2nd and 1st in his 35+ Masters races, and I won both days in the 55+ Masters event. It was
a very good weekend for all of us to show our fitness and to ensure and triple check that all of the components are
working well and rolling fast atmo.

Our pal, Anthony Skorochod, was the official pic shooter for the weekend, and here is a small sampling of some of
the images from day one. Rather than link them all, I'll paste in the pages and let you surf around, and I'll also mention
some of my favorites. Have a look here first:

And here are some of the real keepers:

Also of note, sponsor-wise, are these updated online efforts of RS 'Cross Team wheel supplier, Cole Products, as well
as the blog from our benefactors at House Industries in Delaware. Click through for the details:

I am also very pleased to send along a link to a ranking system I had no idea even existed until this past weekend.
Somehow, some way, using math, alchemy, and a measure of a man's handsome-meter, the cats at USA Cycling
have a page devoted to all Master racers and how they stack up with all others as well as within the very age group
they compete with. Much to my delight, of all cats 30 years and older, I am presently sitting in 5th place nationally:
And if I bracket only the age group I race against week in and week out, I am in the lead position:

I attribute all of it, including my 5 (FIVE) wins since mid-October, to my Cole T38 wheels atmo. Yowza. Thanks to
Jack, Tom, and all the folks that have hooked us up with the best wheels ever atmo.

I must run, and before I do, I'll paste in texts from Matt and Josh. Both riders had fantastic seasons to date and are
great team mates, pals, and excellent road trip partners. Along with Dan, Will, and also Deb, Sam, and Tali, we all
have had a magical time in 2009. There's at least another month of representing, making memories, and turning hole
shots into podium places. We'll take all of you who follow us along for the ride.

From Pookums -
Another more than solid weekend in the merry memory making machine of our cabal of closeness. While a full team roster
would have enhanced the ordeal, the Hamptons always delivers. Saturday night Josh, myself, my wife Tali and her friend
Sascha stayed at her parents house in Hampton Bays and were treated to a killer meal and night of high amusement. For
those of you who have not been to Myle's race, its kinda like the Steely Dan of the cx circuit, the racers race. I told my wife,
who has been to about 4 races, to expect a quiet race. There are not a ton of spectators, and those who come are usually
associated with a racer so the racing and not the spectacle is what defines the race. I was on good stride to race well, nabbing
a 2nd then a 1st! I feel like my machine is plugging away nicely, but also feeling the wear of the season, which is usual for this
time of year and hark these words! racers should tread lightly. At this point its easy to overcook yourself, overuse a tubi glue
job done in Sept or over shift a stiffened housing. We're nearing natz and the end of season hopes and goals start to become
more than small blips on the horizon. The volume increases and soon you need shades to protect yourself from the hype. The
next two weekends are no different than the last 10, but somehow fitness and performance takes on greater meaning as indicators.
As we embark on the latter chapter to this season, I only want to add how much freaking fun I am having this go around and to
thank our army of team contributors for their gelt, shekels and high end tchotchkes all of which have carried my red sleigh effortlessly
through the fog of this season, Rudolph need not apply, we're set.

From Josh -
One name notably absent from the results sheet this season, but every bit as vital to the team results week in and week out, is our
very own Deb...or TLD since we specialize in acronyms atmo. The lovely Deb, aka ABD on game day, is kicking ass and taking
names like it is nobody's business...that's because she is All Business. She's all business Deb, especially in the pits. Reference exhibit A:

Killing it. That is a GREAT picture...but it is only one snapshot of her efforts. She has been there all year, delivering the goods each and
every time, like a true professional. We, the riders, could not do what we do without her. And for that I am ultra grateful.
Since we are giving
SO shout outs Samantha [aka DT's (aka the wolfman's brother) #1 fan] has been a pleasure to travel with this cx season. She specializes
in the amazing disappearing and reappearing warm-up clothing...I take off my warm-ups at the start line, and they reappear at the finish line
when i get there. Amazing. Not too mention the incredible apple crisp and apple butta (sic per Sam). Watch out Martha. And speaking of
phenomenal eats, Tali (aka MK's #1 fan) made the most delicious salmon dinner this past weekend. It was so good i ate myself to the state
of fullness i thought was only possible on Thanksgiving Day.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday atmo.


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