24, August 2009

Greetings -

As I wrote in July, the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is not my team, it's your team atmo. For many years now,
we have been able to assemble, develop, maintain, and even "graduate" some of the best 'cross racers in North America
because we have the best support system in this country. While the brand of it all is wide and crosses (sic) borders, we
are a small group of pals and athletes who share a common goal: to have fun, promote the niche, and to be zealots for
all those who help us through the months that cyclocross takes up. We have made lifelong friends and have helped draw
attention to many sponsors and industry suppliers who are the backbone of our program. Wins, podiums, and 10 National
Championship jerseys since 1997 make sweet icing on the cake.

For the 2009 season, Matt, Will, Amy, Josh, Dan, and myself (or is it me...) will soon begin the races, the road trips, the
dinners at Outbacks and all the memory making a crew can cram in between the first gun and the last lap at the Natz in
Bend, Oregon. We have been shining the light on many of the sponsors these past two months, and today I am excited
to paste in texts from RGM Watch Company and House Industries. RGM is the title sponsor of our group by dint of its
deep and consistent support going back 5 years now. House Industries has recently joined our troupe and I hope it's the
first of many years on the front of the team kits atmo.

From Roland Murphy at RGM Watches -

A continued symbiosis between RS and RGM...

Compare what is required to excel in cyclocross racing and watch making, and you might immediately recognize some notable
similarities: skill and endurance. Add to those the perspective that comes from experience and you begin to understand why RGM
Watch Co. and Richard Sachs have enjoyed great success in their specific fields of expertise. You will also see why their partnership
is a logical one.

Each company is notable for having focused on creating some of the best of their respective products available. Their success in such
endeavors has been assured by both their dedication and their experience. Also, they have an understanding of their customers desires.
Having witnessed each of their industries move away from hand-made products, Richard Sachs and RGM have carved their niche by
providing hand-built products, often customized for the individual.

The partnership forged by RS with the RGM Watch Company has been a satisfying one, blending the vision of like-minded innovators in
separate but often analogous fields. The success and growth of the venture is being enjoyed by both companies - Richard Sachs Cyclocross
has added new riders and new sponsors (see previous blogs) while RGM continues to develop new markets and models, including
many variations on its celebrated 801, the only mechanical movement serially produced in the United States. Also indicative of the two
companies attitude is the recent undertaking by RGM to secure local sources for many of their watch cases, reducing reliance on overseas
suppliers and renewing a market for skilled jobs in the US.

More specifically, the popularity of RGM's Richard Sachs-edition wristwatch has been an emblem of a satisfying partnership. Designed with a
special case back design, fitted red straps, and a dial featuring the intertwined RS logo, the North Pointer GMT (Reference 254) features the time,
date, and a 24-hour index with a unique red pointer. The watch combines a large, eminently readable dial with bold new hands and highly luminous
indices and its introduction has enjoyed a successful response which is a Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team.

note: see these links for more info -

From Rich Roat at House Industries -

Soon after opening our traditional graphic design shop in 1993, we noticed that contemporary typographical emesis bounced off our retinas
like a mass-produced aluminum frame with over-inflated tubulars meeting a raised iron sewer grate. The available selections were either pushing
the wrong end of the typographic envelope or so hopelessly steeped in platitudinous traditionalism that they did not jibe with our visual message,
so we eschewed those anemic offerings to create our own visual oeuvre with pencils, pens, brushes, ink and the judicious use of bezier curves.
With the help of a few unsuspecting clients, our compositional message leveraged its way through the turbid sculls of the aesthetic establishment
to allow us to entrench ourselves in the exciting and high profile world of lettering and typography design. Since then, we have fiercely guarded our
independence while maintaining a keen eye for authenticity and a firm grip on traditional skills to provide the creative community with an ever-growing
list of glyphal treasures.

Point your browser to www.houseindustries.com for more perplexing statements about us.

Thanks, Roland, Rich, all of RGM and House, and to all who make this possible. Many are on the team kit, some are not.
We race for, and represent, all of you atmo.

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

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