11, January 2009

Greetings -

As you know, Will Dugan has spent the past several weeks in Belgium at the Eurocross Camp in Izegem.
I have compiled many of his update on a forum that I admin and the link to all of them is:

The two week camp as well as the trip back to Europe for the World Championships costs alot of money.
By my estimates it totals out near $6000. The riders must pay all of their own expenses for this, a chance
to represent themselves, their respective teams, and - their country.

Many riders have friends and families who have partys and bake sales and the like. Others have online sites
where donations can be made. For Will, The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team has decided on the Paypal
route. Despite the service fees, I feel this is the best and quickest method to raise money.

To this end I am asking ALL folks who receive these emails to make a donation that will enable Will Dugan to
complete the second half of his 2008 season with as few unpaid bills as possible. Please may a payment with
the words "Cross Funds" in the memo and go to: www.paypal.com . You should use the following dedicated
email addy for this: therichardsachs@gmail.com I will take all of the donated funds and send them to Will.

Many thanks for reading.

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No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

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