21, December 2008

Greetings -

It's worth noting that I have waited all week for Elite racer Nathaniel Ward to compose his
thoughts about the fracas that occurred last Sunday at the National Championships. He was
was the first person to tap me after all that happened during the awards ceremony. I have
remained somewhat silent and tried to be impartial. I know Nathaniel from the northeast and
am glad he finally penned a first person account. Have a read here.

I have been back from Kansas City less than 7 days and the unpleasantness that defined
my very last hours at Tiffany Springs Park has consumed most of my time since arriving
home. To say that it has been a distraction, especially after the successful run that we had
at the Natz, would be an understatement.

The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team had its best season ever, and its most productive run
at a National Championship since Jon Page won in red at Napa in 2002. The racing may be
over but it's always 'cross season here. Over the next few days and weeks I will let you know
what the riders are doing, and how young Will Dugan is fairing over in Izegem, and what plans
are laid down for 2009, and - once I get a new Dell Vostro and resume mining images for the
team Flickr site I'll shamelessly link them with my Cc and Bcc fields as well as with all those
who follow us through the RS 'Cross Team blog.

Thanks for reading atmo.


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  1. e-Richie...
    After reading the online accounts, first hand eye-witness stuff, I think it's a damn shame you 'gotta jump through hoops to get you bikes repaired. Drunk jeck-offs.
    Good luck.