17, November 2008

Greetings -

This past weekend the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team traveled across that Sinatra of all river
crossings, a.k.a the Tappan Zee Bridge, for its final time this season. In recent weeks we've gone
down to the Grenogue/Wissahickon races, the Beacon and HPCX events, and these last two days
had us in Mercer County Park in Trenton, New Jersey for round two of the Crank Brothers US Gran
Prix of Cyclocross.
Crank Brothers is an RS 'Cross Team sponsor, and the event itself is underwritten
by a handful of other firms whose parts are an integral part of our racing life, Challenge tires and
Sram components to name just two.

Those who made the trip included Amy, Matt. Justin, Will, and myself. Racing went well for all of us,
especially on day one.
Will managed to finish high enough in the Men's Elite event to score the
points needed in the concurrently run U23 race so
that he'd get a podium call up and be awarded
the overall leader's jersey in the USGP. Amy and Justin also had strong races
that day and finished
in the top twenty. In my 55+ event, I sneaked in a good effort and finished second. These results, as
as links to weekend pictures and related topics, will be pasted in the RS 'Cross Team blog
by Tuesday latest. If you're keen to
follow this, please visit http://rscyclocross.blogspot.com/ in
a day or so.

On a more business-ish note, after dinner on Saturday night, we had a team meeting so that I could
begin to discuss all things roster,
'cross, and sponsorship for the 2009 season. While we do have
wonderful and generous financial and industry support, there's always
some purse pulling and social
juggling that occurs so that things run smoothly, and so that the team and the brand endure. This
has been no different. We've welcomed new names onto the team kit, and new products
onto the team bicycles. I'm happy to say that
all the new has meshed incredibly well with the old.
For 2009, all the sponsors asked thus far have committed to returning, and there
are several new
names which will be added. From this vantage point, all of the racers will be wearing large or even
extra large skinsuits
just so that all of the logos can get be fairly represented! News on all of this in
the months to come.

As far as news on the inside goes, we'll continue to maintain the racing presence and general
participation that all who follow this team
have come to expect. Our primary goals remain to
represent the sponsors, suppliers, backers, and supporters, to race consistently for
the course
of the season, and to make fine memories for all involved. I'm happy to announce that, in 2009, I
have decided to cast out the
net to see how the roster and body count can be expanded and
improved upon so that all our obligations to the sponsors and to the 'cross
culture can be fulfilled.

In closing, one point that came out of the meeting this past weekend was that Justin Spinelli has
made the decision to ride his own
program for 2009. Pal Justin has been part of the team going
back to the late 1990s when he was a phenom on the national road and
'cross circuit as a U23.
His career exploded over the course of two seasons which saw him go from a podium at the 1998
'cross Natz
to racing for Farm Frites at the Giro D'Italia in what seemed like a blink of an eye. After
several seasons abroad, Justin decided to walk
away from the sport "...after disagreeing with the
European Pro cycling mentality"
yet never really let go of his dream of racing for a living. By 2004,
the will had returned and, as Justin wrote in one of the
RS 'Cross Team bios, "That fall, Richard
Sachs went out of his way to give me a shot on his cyclocross team."
(Note: you may read Justin's
text here:

Justin has spent a decade as part of our group, has ridden shotgun with me on many, many road
trips, and has, by virtue of his class, drive,
talent, and humility, helped raise the bar around here.
His commitment to 'cross and this team never waned, and his friendship through the
years has
been part of what makes our troupe so successful. All of us wish him well for 2009 and beyond.

Thanks for reading.

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No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

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