29, September 2008

Greetings -

This past weekend was the first of the 2008 season that saw 1) nearly all of us together for the
first time since 2007,and 2) the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team's first major races of the
year. Justin, Amy, Matt, Will, and myself spent two days in South Burlington, Vermont for the
Green Mountain Cyclocross Weekend. This event had UCI C2 status as well as being
Round One of the VergeSport NECCS season long race series. Alan Atwood and his crew did a
great job promoting this race. I have never been at the venue before, normally choosing to sit
this weekend out owing to the five plus hour drive to get to the race site, but I decided that the
group dynamic of the team's first weekend together was too precious to pass up atmo. I made
the right choice!

Both race days took us six miles south to the town of Williston where, at the
Catamount Outdoor
Family Center
, we were treated to what has to be one of the best 'cross sites on the east coast.
Most of the race was spectator friendly and from the center area one could see at least half of
the course's many climbs, descents, off-cambers, and obstacles. In a way, the place reminded
me of another of my favorite weekends that we spend at Grenogue and at the Ludwig's Corner
Fairgrounds during one of our favorite MAC weekends coming up in late October.

For the RS 'Cross Team, the Vermont races were a complete success. All of the riders finished
"in the money", and I was especially proud to have the pleasure of seeing Will Dugan race in our
kit for the first time. Will was on a bicycle that we delivered only a day or so earlier. Despite
university obligations and hustling to assemble the frames into rideable units, Will aced the U23
race that ran concurrently with the Elite Men's event.
His victory put him in the VergeSport
Series Leader's Jersey from day one, and a second place in Sunday's race ensured that he'd keep
the garment through Gloucester in twoweeks time. As we say in Yiddish -
what a punim! As
noted, all of us made it onto the scoreboard with Justin getting ninth both days in the Elite Men's
race, Pookums netting a 14th and 19th respectively, the Issimo getting back to back sixth places
in the Women's Elite competition, and I raced to a fifth (the place, not the bottle...) and a fourth
in the Master's 55+ Joy Division. Here are some of my favorite memories:

Okay, enough levity. For more celluloid heroics please visit the new-ish 2008 Flickr Gallery
where all this season's pics will live.

On other topics, I am so psyched for 'cross pals and all-around great people, Matt Roy and
Maureen Bruno Roy. Mo is one of the best (and nicest) women in the sport and has been a
fixture in East Coast as well as on the National circuit for many years. Odd it was when we
noticed Mo racing in plain clothing these past few weeks, and that will soon change. According
to the Roy's,

"There are big changes afoot for team Matt and Mo. Please come celebrate the kick off of
the cyclocross season with a team launch party at Wheelworks in Belmont on Friday October
3rd from 7-10 pm. We've got an incredible new sponsor to announce and raffle prizes from our
dedicated sponsors. There will be beer from Harpoon and prizes from Embrocation Magazine,
Chinook, Michelin, Mad Alchemy Embrocations, Pedros, Bowchies, the Atomic Cafe and
rapidly growing list."

Read more about this great news here atmo -----> http://www.mmracing.org/ Normally, cats
with two first names freak me the eff out, but Mo and Matt Roy get a hall pass from me.

I also need to mention a raffle of sorts to benefit a good cause. As many know, this past August I
took the virtual phone off the proverbial hook and will not be taking any new clients for my Signature
framesets. No worries, I am not retiring. Nonetheless, the folks at Wheels North may be able to help
you slip through a crack and score an order with me while simultaneously helping out with a very
important cause. Click here for that information. And, if you pull the trigger, THANKS for the donation.

Lastly, it's important to me as well as to my team mates to give a big atmo shout out to the folks at
Embrocation Magazine. Jeremy Dunn and the troupe that make up the staff at the 'zine have
recently printed Issue Two. It's beautiful, it's full of great information, and it's now available. I
received a copy a week ago and have completely digested it while not leaving a single thumbprint
or coffee stain on any page.Sorry if that sounds OCD-ish, but Embrocation Magazine is like a
piece of art that you can read, and I plan to keep my copy in good shape.

This coming weekend is kinda sorta a disjointed one for the RS 'Cross Team since there are no
series events on the agenda. I believe Matt and Issimo are heading to local events in New York
State both days and Justin is racing Sunday in Falmouth, Massachusetts. I'll make my choices in a
day or two. In another week's time, we all will converge in Gloucester for some world class racing.
To be continued...

Hey - thanks for reading.

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* according to my opinion

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