2, September 2008

Greetings -

Only two weeks to go before the Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team starts its 2008 racing
season. Until then, it's still just me filling in blanks about who did what to whom atmo*. I think
I'll begin my showing off some of the new art, courtesy of pal and uber-shooter, Jeff Weir. Have
a look:

This is the first look at a recent (well, circa 2007 for you detail cats...) RS 'Cross Team bicycle
with all the 2008 sponsored parts atop. Let's see, we have Oval Concepts stems, 'bars, and
seat posts, Selle San Marco saddles, Challenge tubulars, Cane Creek wheels and headsets,
Sram drivetrains, Crank Brothers pedals, Wippermann chains, and Gravity 'Cross cantis. With
major league props to pal Joe Bell, these team issue units are the lightest and most flamboyant
to date. I can't wait to see all of them caked in mud, dented, with frayed cables and worn brake
pads, tire sidewalls dirty from sloppy glue-ers, and all the tell-tale signs that say "racing has
Just give us another few weeks huh.

In the meantime, some of the folks on the team are still tearing it up on the road circuit. Some of
the more notable results include Justin Spinelli's absolutely great ride in the USA Cycling Pro
Championships Time Trials
, held this past weekend in Greenville, South Carolina. Spinmo had
a Show Me The Money ride if there ever was one, and netted a 10th place. There's no hiding,
faking it, or team tactics in the race of truth, and to get a top ten in an event like this shows that
Justin carries some huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge horsepower. Congratulations to Justin for a superb finish.
Here's a pic I mined online showing Spin before the start:

Does he look fit and focused, or what?!
Also topping the charts lately is Will Dugan, he of Pittsfield, Massachusetts and now a student at
University of Vermont. Soon, I'll let Will tell you all about himself. I'll say that it took two, maybe three
seasons for us to make Will a team mate. Ever since he was a 16 year old Junior, he's been on the
radar here, yet only now are we lucky enough to call him a team mate and indocrinate his hiney in
the ways of acronyms, drinking straws, Twizzlers, and making memories. From Will, I hope to learn
more about skirts, back to school excitement, and what it's like to have a powerhouse and all-around
nice guy around through to the Natz in Kansas City (and hopefully longer. Pucci - say it's okay...).
In the past few weeks, Will has also been on a tear, winning The Central New Hampshire Road
Race in Bow as well as the Legacy Banks Criterium in Pittsfield last week. There are many clips
showing that event on Henry Jurenka's most awesome site, cyclocrossvideos dot com (search
"Pittsfield") but my favorite is this gem in which Will, fresh from a solo victory, is interviewed by
two of New England's best, Dick Ring and Rich Fries. Hey - check Will out, will ya':
Forza to Justin and Will for great pre-season (kidding...) results. Now please rest up!!!

On personal notes, Des Horsfield's DVD Imperfection Is Perfection continues to receive props
and kudos and great reviews. Recently the British site, The Washing Machine Post, wrote a
nice story about the film (it's really a DVD) and you can click here to read it.

I'm also tres psyched to report that team mate and bro', Matt Kraus - that's one S please - will be
the center of a full length interview in the upcoming issue of Cyclocross Magazine. I suggest all
of you click through to the site and order up a subscription NOW so you don't miss a single word
that Matt utters. I know that he (Pookums) gives great email, so much so that I even save some of
them, and I predict the interview will be a keeper atmo.

And furthermooooooooooooore, since it's already September and my thoughts officially include
the legendary, almost beyond-horrible, too-cold-to-think-about weather in the Midwest, I'm getting
that itch to start earmarking frames for the North American Handmade Bicycle Show that will be
held in Indianapolis, Indiana this coming March. This will be the fifth annual event that Don Walker
has promoted, and it always showcases the best and the brightest from among the framebuilding
community. Save all links, ask me questions about it, Google the bad boy, but - by all means, save
the dates and make a long weekend of it. Rumour has it that it will be indoors after all, so all the
knuckleheads that gripe about the temperature can - well they can get stuffedmo.

My last entry today will be some words from palie Alie Kenzer. If you follow these blog entries,
you're aware that now and then I tap the team for some off-season comments. This team means
the world to me and I consider each member an intimate friend and as close as family. We spend
months together once the first race begins, and it's always a pleasure for me to share these pals
and team mates with the readers here. I asked Alie about the summer and her recent travails in
Boulder, and here was what she sent:

This has been one of the most transitional years for me in a while. Starting in January, as
many of you are well aware, Amy and I made a trek out west to spend the winter months riding
our bikes in the warm California weather (Atmo-licious ring a bell?). While Amy took a temporary
leave of absence from her work, I decided that a new beginning was in order. I gave notice to
both my job and to New England, in order to start a new adventure-filled chapter of my life.
While in California, I was able to make a connection with the professional cycling team,
Slipstream/Chipotle (now sponsored by Garmin), and was offered a position as a soigneur for
the 2009 season pending completion of massage school. I applied and was accepted to a
school in Colorado. At the end of March, accompanied by my dearest friends Amy and Oli, I
spent a weekend settling into my new Boulder home. After a not-so-teary goodbye (we may be
girls, but it takes a lot to make us cry), I began a "personal assistant-ship" for one of the Garmin
riders while I waited for the start of massage school. My previous Nannying skills certainly helped
get me an "in" with the guys on the team, since most require and appreciate much attention!
After a month and a half of this, I gradually realized that I would rather be friends with all of these
athletes and masterminds than work as their soigneur, and decided to pull the plug on massage
school. While "nannying" for the cyclists, I simultaneously got my usual allotment of "kid-time"
as a part- time nanny for one of the team doctor's children. Through him, I was introduced to my
next leap in the ol' life and career path. I secured a "real" job working as a personal assistant for
a partner at a Private Investment Company. Soon after beginning work, I realized that I had been
hired as a "trainee" to ultimately climb up the ranks at this office. With no background in finance,
I was at first intimidated but now have begun my studies and will hopefully be taking my 6 hour
licensing exam mid-fall. (YIKES!) Although it's an office job, we operate on NYSE hours, which
means I get to escape to the beautiful Colorado hills and trails at 2:30 daily. A few weeks ago, I
took my 'cross bike for our inaugural ride out here. Though the ride was bumpy and a bit foreign
at first, I eventually settled into a familiar rhythm and soon found myself effortlessly soaring
around corners, smoothly dismounting and gliding back onto my bike. As my time in Colorado
passes on, I find my 'ride' getting smoother too, and I'm very excited to see what new adventures
the future and this new cyclocross season bring. I can't wait to reconvene with all of the familiar
'cross family folks at some of the big races this year!

Too cool. Thanks, Alie. For those who believe it only happened if there are pictures, here's one
of Alie from the 2007 Gloucester Gran Prix World Championships:

Until next time, thanks for reading!

Richard Sachs Cycles
No.9, North Main Street
Chester, CT 06412 USA

*according to my opinion...


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