19, August 2007

Greetings -

Well the other day I began sending out texts written by members of the
Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team. As a group, we have been together and
on the road for over a decade, and every so often the cast of characters
changes. You've read words from Justin Spinelli and Matt Krauss, both of
whom are Elite level racers who make an impression at every venue at which
they appear. As a team, we have always been fortunate that our members
can race at the front, get on the podiums, represent well for all the sponsors
and suppliers we have, and - most importantly, are true gems to be around
and travel with for these four months that make up the 'cross season. More
than anything, we are family.
Today I will paste in text written by
Dave Genest and Alie Kenzer. Without
question, Dave is the team's founder and is my role model. When he decided
to hand over the reins of running it all about 3-4 years ago, my only goal was
to be like Dave. By contrast, Alie is a new member with our group, though we
have had the pleasure of her company and smiling face during many of our road
trips last season. No newcomer to 'cross, Alie will certainly make her presence
felt at every course this season and I'm pleased she'll be doing it with us and
now formally in RS Team kit.

From Dave -
Even though I am old and decrepit, and carry an AARP card at all times,
I still race cyclocross and love the sport dearly. Maybe it's because I was
involved from pretty much the beginning of the sport...or maybe it's because
I would like to believe it's drug free (now that my hero Mario DeClerc got busted)
or maybe it's because I can wear red (and now black) skin suits and make believe
I still have the body to attract...or maybe it's because I can hang with my long time
best friend Sig. Sachs. I'm not really a joiner or a team type...so his style of show up,
chat, race, chat, nosh, spilt suits me fine. We also share an absolute belief that it's
ALL about just doing it (and of course looking good while you're at it) and NOT about
how well you do that really matters. For us the results will come (much) later.
The best part is that even though we only see each other a hand full of time from
October to December...I expect to have this bond with him for many, many more
years of competition.
Ciao e tutti

From Alie -
I was first introduced to the cyclocross scene on a crisp autumn day at Look Park
in Northampton. Sitting on one of the steep run-ups with a good friend, I watched
as the racers ascended the hill, bikes thrown over their shoulders and the fiercest
look of determination on their faces. Mud flew toward me, but I couldn't look away.
Now THESE were real athletes. I had been sidelined from my collegiate running teams
due to multiple tendonitis issues and recently discovered cycling as a means for maintaining
fitness. Although I didn't begin racing until the following spring, it was on that day that I
decided biking could be much more than a tool for recovery.

Unfortunately, at the end of my first season of road racing, I was involved in a major
crash and was unable to compete in what I had anticipated would be my first 'Cross
season in the fall of 2005. Although I couldn't race, I was able to attend almost every
New England cyclocross race as the official cheerleader (sans pom poms, due to a pair
of broken arms) and support for my closest friends. I happily lost my voice each weekend
and eagerly awaited the day when I could participate in the racing. Last spring, after a
full recovery from my accident, I was able to race again. Fall arrived and so did my first
'cross bike. I was surrounded by the most encouraging community of cyclists and friends
who patiently(!) taught me the tricks of the trade.
I currently live in Boston and work as a nanny for two small boys who are 16 months
and 4 years-old. I get to enjoy the trials and tribulations of raising boys, yet I get to say
good bye at the end of each day. I get to load my life and bike in a car for a long weekend,
drive to all parts of the east coast with my dearest friends, and for those few days, I get
to be a kid and play to my heart's content too.

And you wonder why I so look forward to this season and my team.
It's a family thing atmo*.
Many thanks -
*according to my opinion
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is sponsored by RGM Watches,
Rex Chiu, Radix Group LLC, Ozell, Stankus Associates Architects, as
well as by Cane Creek, Crank Brothers, Rudy Project, Oval Concepts,
Challenge, VergeSport, Selle San Marco, JB Custom Paint, Nelly's Deli,
and The Wheatmarket
NATZ PICS (2006)
TEAM PICS (2006)
TEAM PICS (2005)

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