12, September 2006

Greetings -

This is my first race report of the RS Cyclocross Team's 2006 season.
This past Sunday, most of us converged at the Northfield, Massachusetts
venue for the Competitive Edge Cyclocross, New England's annual kickoff
event for the 'cross season. This year, 'cross started at least two weeks earlier,
and it showed in the legs of the RS Team male stalwarts who are all coming
off a long road season. Brian, Noah, Dave, and myself showed respectably
in our events, but the best we could muster, results-wise, was middle of the
pack in our first day out. Surely, this is not a sign of things tocome - we'll
soon all be taking no prisoners, most likely by the month's end.

The good (great?) news is that someone who's been waiting for September
10th since the last race of the 2005 season has shown to be doing all the right
stuff, preparation-wise. Our Amy Wallace comes to the 'cross season fully fit,
enthusiastic, and ready to go. If you are new to these emailings and do not
know Amy, please see this introduction that now lives here.

Amy is an Elite level racer who has joined our little team, and we all have
been emailing like crazy since the spring, waiting for the real season to arrive.
And what happens? In the Elite women's event at Northfield, Amy rides away
to handily win her race besting nearly 30 peers. It was a joy to witness, as Amy
gets us (all RS 'Cross Team sponsors, supporters, and friends) the first win of
the season. Amy led from mid first lap and by the race's end, clearly put her
imprint on what we all foresee as a breakout year for her, and a banner season
for the team at large.

Congratulations to Amy for getting the first win of the 2006 season.

This coming Sunday, the team will be in Auburn, New Hampshire for the
Sucker Brook 'Cross event. Details
live here.

Thanks for reading!
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is sponsored by
RGM Watches and Rex Chiu as well as by Cane Creek,
Crank Brothers, Rudy Project, Oval Concepts, Challenge
Tires, VergeSport, Selle San Marco, JB Custom Paint,
Pacenti Cycle Design, The Wheatmarket, and Nelly's Deli.
TEAM PICS (2005):

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