5, July 2006

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I hope you all had an enjoyable 4th of July respite from work and routine chores and were able to get out abit on the two wheels. In New England, we're in the middle of pre-season, more commonly known as the road race calendar. I see some of our 'cross teammates at the weekend events,wearing the colors of their summer sponsors, all looking tan and fit and doing well, all the while hoping that they stay upright and don't vex any of the dreams of grandeur we have for the coming 'cross season. One fellow who is laying low this summer is Noah Taylor. Noah is one of the most focused riders we have ever had on Team Red. Last year was his first with the Richard Sachs 'Cross Team and he exceeded all that was expected of him. Despite a full summer of Expert Class MTB racing in the Northeast, Noah managed many top tens - and even scored a win - while spending the autumn months racing 'cross with us. For 2006, Noah is foregoing the off-road scene and all of his training is geared towards this coming September when we resumedoing what we do best yo!! Here are a few words about Noah, from Noah:

I'm Noah Taylor. Although my upbringing was rather unconventional, I think that growing up on a mountain with no electricity, running water, or telephone, instilled in me at an early age the strength and tenacity needed to succeed in the world of cycling. As you can imagine, having an outhouse was quite helpful in preparing me for a racing career, as it taught me that there are actually things on this earth less appealing than hundreds of sweaty men in spandex. Working with my dad in thesawmill made me no stranger to hard work, and I try to carry that workethic with me today in all areas of my life. I balance a full time construction job, building custom houses for Timothy Groesbeck Builder, along with my training and racing. While these two areas of my life may seem polarized, they have common ground in that they both require a lot of hard work, but both bring with them a sense of accomplishment that is quite rewarding.
When I was 15 years old I got a job at the local bike shop Absolutely Bicycles. It was at this time I really began to cultivate a love of racing.The success I found in local races gave me the confidence to trymy hand racing at the next level. My first big race was the 1995 'crossnationals where I placed 9th in the Junior class. I continued to do well in road, mountain bike, and cross racing, although my true passion has always been cross. In my early twenties, I took a hiatus fromracing. When I returned, I was lucky enough to find a place in the Richard Sachs 'cross family, a group I always admired due to its unique mix of personality and traditional values.
The 2005 season brought with it many good times, most notably the 5th place finish in the Sterling UCI race and the 22nd place finish at the National Cyclocross Championships. I look forward to the 2006 season and above all hope to improve and progress as a racer, while helping my teammates do the same.

Noah and I did quite a few road trips together this past season and it was my pleasure to get to know him better and to add him to my list of close pals.What he mentions above with respect to work and work ethics is spot on. Noah knows what to do, how to prepare for a course, and get the job done.He never quit a race in 2005, and in some races in which Nationally ranked riders were dropping out, Noah's perseverance enabled him to get in the money when others just couldn't - or didn't want to - handle the conditions.In a way, he reminds me of the lunch pail type player that the Celtics always attracted in their halcyon days. Tough. Get out of my way until the finish line. Mud and cold; what mud and cold? I mean,
just look at this cat on one of the best days of the year! That was Noah at the blizzard also known as the 'Cross Natz.
Noah is one of the best kids we ever had on Team Red, and along with the others, is why I wait all year for September when we can all hit the road (!!?),and not stop until we see the Finish Line.

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