21, June 2006

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Here is another "installment" in my Meet the Team series!
This text is from Dave Genest. I'll add my props after he
tells a story in his words:

The very first time I witnessed cyclocross I knew I had to do it. Coming from a background of motocross and bicycle racing…it just made sense...and I fell in love instantly.

Back before the sport was cool enough to rate sponsors, let alone a series, races were announced by word of mouth (pre-internet). Race times and driving directions were few and far between. Regardless, we rose at 4am ever Saturday and Sunday from October through December to drive 3 hours to somewhere in New England. As we began to circle where we thought the venues should be, we strained our sleepy eyes to catch a glimpse of the traditional cacophony of crisscrossing yellow tape of "the race". More-often-than-not, the courses wound their way seemingly for miles through snow covered, ultra-technical pristine fields. In those days, since few promoters knew much about the sport, courses tended to be more like flat mountain bike courses with lots of roots, rocks, and a plethora of natural and man-made obstacles. There were generally two classes...the the fast men and the women/masters/juniors. Thirty or so dedicated fanatics who raced for roughly an hour simply for bragging rights and ,on rare occasion, a couple of bucks or a box of Annie's Mac&Cheese.

Most who participated were roadies. No one really trained...we considered cross a way to stay on the bike a few more months après road racing...and a warmer option than training on the road. Soon, the mountain bike folks got the buzz and you'd find yourself bar to bar with a full suspension mountain bike. The roadies, who generally considered themselves the anointed people of bicycles...quickly discovered that the mountain bike cats could ride circles around them on the technical stuff and the roadies and mountain bike crowd became one. Word of the unspoiled spirit, excitement, and fun to be had in this remarkable sport began to spread like wild fire and fields began to swell.

Then it happened...sometime in the mid 90s...the women's/masters/juniors field reached over 100 at the famous UMass course. The sport had arrived. New classes were added. New, more cross-specific courses sprung up. The prizes got larger, the speeds higher, and training became a fact of life. However, the passion and unbridled innocence of the the entire cross experience remains as strong as ever.

Along the way, I was able to see my daughter race to cross fame and help one of the true icons of the industry...Richard Sachs...form the longest running and most successful cross teams in North America. Today at 56, the affair continues with even more passion.

An eminently enjoyable 14 years of races, medals, and podiums...thrills, spills, and satisfaction...friends, competitors, and team mates across the globe...and a drawer full of red uniforms.

Where to begin? Dave is one of my dearest, closest, and best friends.
I first had the pleasure of meeting him as a client, and then later as a
peer on the racing circuit. One day in the early 90s, he broached a
suggestion to me that I consider sponsoring the junior and developmental
team that he was running. I already had my own fully supported road team,
yet I believed Dave was doing something very much needed and I wanted to
be a part of it. My road team ultimately morphed into his team, and, by the
middle of the decade, we were sharing weekends at races, looking after kids
new in the sport, and supporting youngsters who wanted to race, had potential,
and made up the cast of characters that would eventually become our team's
alumni. Together, we've developed and seen at least 15 riders (maybe more)
become US National Team members who've raced at the World Championships
and have made it and stayed at the top.I believe Dave has a gift, and part of
that gift is his humility and calm demeanor.He made all the choices and made
all the phone calls and kept the team goingfor at least a decade before I took
a more hand's-on role. I credit Dave for makingthis team what it is and I only
hope that I can steer it as well and for as long ashe has. For lo the many
years that we - the RS team, Team Red, whatever... - garnered so many
results, the 9 National Championships, the stories in the press, all that effin'
notoriety, much of the spotlight was directed on my name and the brand.
The truth is, Dave is the one with the gift, and a public acknowledgment
of his contributions and participation is long overdue

Thanks for reading!
Thank you for your interest and support.
The Richard Sachs Cyclocross Team is sponsored by
RGM Watches and Rex Chiu as well as by Cane Creek,
Crank Brothers, Rudy Project, Oval Concepts, Challenge
Tires, VergeSport, Selle San Marco, JB Custom Paint,
PacentiCycle Design, The Wheatmarket, and Nelly's Deli.

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